Last Minute Easter Crafts for Kids with Bostik!

IMG_1824Yey it’s the Easter holidays! There’s kids to entertain, chocolate to buy (or make), relatives to feed and before you know it you’ve forgotten the crafts and the children are bored!! If you have found yourself in this situation then fear not because we’ve got some really quick and easy last minute Easter Crafts that are sure to please.

As a Bostik Craft Ambassador I am sent a new box filled with crafty goodies every month. This month I gave the kids free reign to create their own crafts and this is what they came up with. 🙂

Easter Monster (or chick if you’re feeling traditional)

You will need:

Bostik Glu Pen

Bostik Tape Discs

Polystyrene egg

Shredded tissue paper

Googly eyes

For the Nests:

Hessian fabric pieces


Cardboard box lid

Needle and thread



Using the Bostik Glu pen cover the egg shape with a thin layer of glue.

Throw/ chuck or coat the gluey egg in shredded tissue paper. Squash the paper together to make sure all the white spaces are covered.eggmonster

Trim off the excess pieces of tissue paper with scissors until your monster or chick looks perfect. Finish him off with a pair of googly eyes and if you’re making a chick add a foam or felt beak.


Of course every Easter creature needs a good nest to live in and we have two ways to make him or her their brand new home.

First Nest


Take the lid of a cardboard box and place into the centre of a piece of hessian fabric. Using Bostik Glu discs secure the hessian into the lid by folding and sticking into the centre.

Second Nest


Take another piece of hessian and sew a rough circle shape using large stitches. Pull the ends together to gather the material and tie in a secure knot. Stuff pieces of raffia under each of the stitches to pad out and fill the nest.


Finally display proudly on your fireplace and have a lovely chocolate filled weekend 🙂




How to make a Dragon puppet and Goat for Chinese New Year with Bostik!


How to make a Dragon puppetMy kids and I have been having so much fun this week making dragons and goats for Chinese New Year (2015 is the year of the Goat). Every month we’re sent a box of random materials as part of the Bostik Craft Bloggers Club with Tots100. As it’s half term next week I bet you guys are looking for activities to keep the little peeps happy, so here’s how to make a Dragon puppet (or windsock) and Goat for Chinese New Year!

Dragon Puppet or windsockChinese New Year Dragon Puppet

These guys have brilliant tails which billow and twirl whether they’ve been propped up to make a windsock or used as a hand-held puppet. They’re also very adaptable which means you can use the same basic design and customise the face etc.

What You’ll Need

Bostik Glu Dots

Paper Cup

Small Polystyrene Balls

Googly Eyes


Pipe cleaner

Ric-rac or Ribbon

Tissue Paper

Lolly sticks

Sticky Tape

Photos are great when it comes to craft tutorials but I thought it would be easier for this one if I also provided you with a video showing exactly how it’s made. There are also text instructions and a couple of pics below.

Step 1 – Start by drawing and cutting out a mouth from the flat end of the paper cup.

Step 2 – Using your Bostik Glu Dots stick two polystyrene balls to the back of the cup to make eyes. Stick googly eyes on top to finish.deyebrows

Step 3 – Grab some foam (I used foam wristbands) and draw out two eyebrow shapes. Stick these onto the top of the eyes using more Glu Dots.

Step 4 – Pick up the pipe cleaner and fold in half to make the Dragon’s horns. Stick between the eyes using Glu Dots.

Step 5 – Take a short length of foam and fold the ends into the centre to make nostrils. Secure using Glu Dots.

Step 6 – Cut half a moustache out from foam, repeat to make a second half. Cut ric rac or ribbon to the same length or a little longer and use a Glu Dot to stick on top of the moustache.

Step 7 – Stick the nostils onto the thinner end of the paper cup using a Glu Dot. Then stick the moustache into place just under the edges of the nostrils.dface

Step 8 – Next cut a length of foam (or half a wristband) and stick to the paper cup behind the nostrils to make the bridge of the Dragon’s nose.dtissuepaper

Step 9 – Take some tissue paper and stick to the inside of the paper cup using sticky tape. We also cut out thinner lengths of tissue paper from a contrasting colour to make streamers, stick to the cup.

Step 10 – This next bit is for the adults!! Cut two small holes in the bottom of the Dragon’s face and insert two lolly sticks. Add a third which is placed between the first two and bind together using sticky tape.

Play with your Dragon!

GoatChinese New Year Goat craft

This little guy is really cute and very quick to make!

What You’ll Need

Bostik Foam Pads

1 Polystyrene Ball



Pipe Cleaner



Step 1 – Pick up your polystyrene ball and attach the end of a ball of wool using a Bostik Foam Pad.

Step 2 – Wind the wool round and round until the ball is completely covered. Secure the end by tucking under the wound wool. You can use another Foam Pad or a Glu Dot if needed.goat2

Step 3 – Cut a pipe cleaner into four pieces and bend one end of each piece to make feet. Push these into the ball.goat4

Step 4 – Draw a face for your Goat onto cardboard. Cut out.goat3

Step 5 – Stick onto the front of your ball using Foam Pads and ta-da you have your Goat!

How to make an Easter Bumble Bee and Easter Rabbit Tutorial

IMG_7751In my last post I showed you a collection of our recently completed Easter Crafts as part of the Bostik craft network. Today I’ll show you how to make an Easter Bumble Bee and Easter Rabbit with our simple and fun tutorial.

You will Need

Polystyrene Egg shapes

Googly Eyes

Bostik Glu Dots



Pipe Cleaners


Pom Poms

Sheets of craft foam

Bumble Bee

IMG_7716Start by colouring in one of your egg shapes yellow with black stripes.


Next take two pieces of pipe cleaner (a colour of your own choice, we used purple) and bend into wing shapes. IMG_7721

Take another four lengths of yellow or orange pipe cleaner and bend to make legs, obviously if you want a technically correct bee he should have six legs, but four fitted in much more neatly.IMG_7722

Push the leg pieces into one side of the coloured polystyrene egg shape. Push the wing shapes into the opposite side.

Finally stick some large googly eyes to the front of your bee, and push a small length of yellow pipe cleaner into the end to make his stinger!IMG_7736


Begin by colouring in a polystyrene egg shape in a colour of your choice.IMG_7723

Next take a length of ribbon and fold as shown in these pictures to make the rabbit’s ears. Attach the ribbon ears to the thin end of your egg shape using a Bostik glu dot.IMG_7725IMG_7728IMG_7729

Next stick on two googly eyes to the front. Then using a Bostik glue dot stick a button on to give the rabbit a nose, you can draw the whiskers on using a felt tip pen.


To allow your rabbit to stand up unaided he will need some feet! Cut feet shape from your craft foam and attach to the base of your bunny using a Bostik glu dot.

Finally give your rabbit a lovely cotton tail by attaching a pom pom with a Bostik glu dot to his back.