Monster Head Wall Art with Bostik

bostikmon9Rarrrrrr! Did I scare you all? Probably not but pretending to be a scary monster is one of those essential parts of childhood. Why not combine all the thrill and amusement of shocking the family with a craft activity. Try out my Monster Head Wall Art tutorial and your little ones are bound to have a roaring good time! This blog was made from supplies given to me by Bostik as part of their Craft Ambassador program, search Bostik on the side bar to see some of my previous Bostik crafts.

bostikmon1What You’ll Need

Bostik Glu Dots

Blu Tack White Glu

Cardboard cone (buy a blank one from a craft store or make one)

Piece of felt

2 Polystyrene balls

Pompoms, feathers, foam shapes or anything you fancy to decorate your monster pal

bostikmon2Step 1bostikmon3

Every self respecting monster needs terrifying skin, cut some shapes from the felt and glue onto the cone using the Blu Tack White Glu, then leave to dry completely. My daughter cut out triangle shapes and glued them from the tip of the cardboard cone to the back to create scales.


Step 2bostikmon5

Draw some pupils onto the two polystyrene balls, these will become your eyes. Stick the eyes together using a Bostik Glu Dot. Then attach two glu dots to the bottom of each eye and stick onto the end of the cone.


Step 3

Time to decorate and let your imagination run wild!! We stuck foam hand shapes to the back of our monster’s head. Then we used wired feathers which were bent at a right angle and threaded between the eyes, these were stuck inside the cone using tape to give a really secure anchor. Small pom poms were stuck at random around the head using glu dots, and then we stuck a larger fluffy pom pom onto the tip of the cone/head to give the monster a bright blue nose.bostikmon8

Of course you could decorate your monster in whatever way you fancy.


Step 4

To hang the head on the wall simply position over a nail or picture hook (that may be a job best left to the parents if hammers are involved!!) then stand back and admire your monstrously good craft skills.bostikmon9

Last Minute Easter Crafts for Kids with Bostik!

IMG_1824Yey it’s the Easter holidays! There’s kids to entertain, chocolate to buy (or make), relatives to feed and before you know it you’ve forgotten the crafts and the children are bored!! If you have found yourself in this situation then fear not because we’ve got some really quick and easy last minute Easter Crafts that are sure to please.

As a Bostik Craft Ambassador I am sent a new box filled with crafty goodies every month. This month I gave the kids free reign to create their own crafts and this is what they came up with. 🙂

Easter Monster (or chick if you’re feeling traditional)

You will need:

Bostik Glu Pen

Bostik Tape Discs

Polystyrene egg

Shredded tissue paper

Googly eyes

For the Nests:

Hessian fabric pieces


Cardboard box lid

Needle and thread



Using the Bostik Glu pen cover the egg shape with a thin layer of glue.

Throw/ chuck or coat the gluey egg in shredded tissue paper. Squash the paper together to make sure all the white spaces are covered.eggmonster

Trim off the excess pieces of tissue paper with scissors until your monster or chick looks perfect. Finish him off with a pair of googly eyes and if you’re making a chick add a foam or felt beak.


Of course every Easter creature needs a good nest to live in and we have two ways to make him or her their brand new home.

First Nest


Take the lid of a cardboard box and place into the centre of a piece of hessian fabric. Using Bostik Glu discs secure the hessian into the lid by folding and sticking into the centre.

Second Nest


Take another piece of hessian and sew a rough circle shape using large stitches. Pull the ends together to gather the material and tie in a secure knot. Stuff pieces of raffia under each of the stitches to pad out and fill the nest.


Finally display proudly on your fireplace and have a lovely chocolate filled weekend 🙂