How to make Pompom Animals

how to make pompom animals

Whew it’s been while since I managed to get anything up on here. Between the summer holidays and technology failing it’s all been against me. But I’m back today with a tutorial that’s perfect to keep you and the kids occupied as the light draws in and the days get increasingly cold. Learn how to make pompom animals and you have hours of activities at your fingertips. They can be themed (robins & snowmen are great for Christmas) made large or small and the range of possibilities is limited only by your imagination! Today we’ll be making a bird pompom animal (actually inspired by our Quail).


What You’ll Need

Pompom maker – of course you can make these the old fashioned way with circles of cardboard but these little machines are super cheap and easy to use, I’ve even seen them in the pound-shop.





Googly eyes


Step 1

Take your pompom maker and open up the sides completely. Begin winding your wool around one of the arms until it’s nice and thickly covered. Do the same with the other arm, for our bird we used a lighter coloured wool on the second side.


Step 2

Fold both arms back into the centre of the pompom maker. Cut between the gaps in the arms (see pic) do this for both sides. Using some extra wool tie all the way around the pompom through the same gap where you just cut with the scissors. Tie up tightly.


Step 3

Open up both arms again, your pompom should stay put. Pull the pompom maker apart and you should have a lovely squishy pompom. Trim off any excess wool until you’re happy with the shape.


Step 4

Cut out felt shapes for the feet, if you’re making a bird a small square folded in half makes a great beak. Glue into place on the pompom (fabric glue works very well). Then stick on a pair of googly eyes and you have one happy little pompom creature.pompomanimal5



The Woollen Woods 2016

queenofheartsEvery year a magical event takes place as part of Voluntary Arts Week – The Woollen Woods. Woodlands across the country become inhabited with all manner of knitted (or crocheted) creatures to the delight of thousands of visitors. It all started last year with seven woods (of which Derbyshire was one) and this year it grew even bigger. This was the second year I’d had the pleasure of joining in with the Derbyshire Woollen Woods held in Belper Parks Wood.  It was such a huge success that I felt compelled to share a few pics (and videos) for those who couldn’t manage to make it along.mouse

It took months of hard work by local crafters (and a few further afield) to make enough pieces to decorate the majority of Belper Woods but as you can hopefully see from these pics it was definitely worth it. The creations were displayed between 7-15th May this year and the response we received was absolutely wonderful. We even had some visitors travel quite a distance for a day out in our Woolly Wonderland!whiterabbitI believe there’s a special childlike joy that only magical woolly creatures can bring and with that in mind here’s a few of my favourite pieces (not made by me) and two mini video tours. bunny

If looking through this post has got you itching to get involved with the Derbyshire event then pop over to >Anne Clark Handmade and send Anne an email. owlAnne organised the Derbyshire Woollen Woods for both years and we’ve also yarn bombed several other events including local festivals, Christmas decorations, the hospital, museum and much more!

If you weren’t lucky enough to be able to visit a Woollen Woods this year then keep your eyes peeled on the >Voluntary Arts Week website for details of the event next year.snake

To see some pics of last years Woollen Woods check out my 2015 post.


Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair London!

IMG_4464Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Country Living Magazine press tea celebrating the launch of their Christmas Fair in London. The fair always showcases some amazing creative talent and really gets you in the festive mood.IMG_4465

If you missed the London fair or it’s too far to travel then fear not as the fair is moving first to Glasgow and then onto Harrogate. Full details can be found on the Country Living Fair website. Today I thought I’d showcase some of my favourite stalls, in fact it’s almost a Christmas Wish List as I loved them all so much!IMG_4467


Whinberry & Antler

The first stall that caught my eye was the wonderful Whinberry & Antler. Inspired by the British countryside Whinberry & Antler design and print textiles by hand to create sumptuous furnishings and homeware. As the proud owner of two seriously cute Hedgehogs I immediately fell in love with the Hedgehog print, it’s going on my wish list post haste!

My Aunt Agatha

My Aunt Agatha

My next discovery was My Aunt Agatha. A wonderful stall full of quirky and delightful handmade homeware products. This draft excluder reminds me of my own dog.

Willow Gromit

Willow Gromit

I couldn’t resist a photo of this fabulous willow Gromit by Fon Cosens, I usually think of Willow as such a traditional material but Fon proved that it’s also incredibly versatile in the right hands.

Lotus Blossom Textiles

Lotus Blossom Textiles

I don’t need a needle case (believe me I have many) and yet strangely I need one of these needle cases from Lotus Blossom Textiles! Or one of her beautiful textile pictures.

Laura Rose Textiles

Laura Rose Textiles

Keeping with textile artistry I also loved these gorgeous fabric pictures from Laura Rose Textiles, Laura can make custom pictures of your favourite memories or scenes and they are fabulous!

Godminster Cheese

Godminster Cheese

I like Cheese at the best of times but this amazing Vintage Organic Cheddar from Godminster was simply heavenly and even better it’s available in a heart shaped piece!

Benji Bennett

Benji Bennett

Next I met the lovely Benji Bennett who is the author of a fabulous range of childrens books inspired by the sudden passing of his 4 year old son Adam. Each book promotes love, laughter and play within families and makes perfect bedtime reading for parents to share with their little ones. I was so impressed with Benji’s books and his use of rhythm and language, I can’t wait to get one to read to my own little peeps.

Santa Claus Book

Santa Claus Book

On the subject of books I also came across this amazing display (it snowed!) of books called ‘Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets’. Perhaps a book for slightly older children as it’s chock full of writing and information, my eldest son is an avid reader and he would adore it.



Twine with a twist! This fabulous Twool garden twine is a British wool alternative to imported Jute, you can craft with it, knit with it, use it for gardening, floristry or gift wrapping and best of all it’s made from Whiteface Dartmoor Sheep wool! It actually makes me quite sad to write about this stall as I fully intended to buy some of their festive coloured twine and completely forgot to go back after I’d finished taking photos (it was a long day!) 🙁

London International Silver Company

London International Silver Company

Tucked away on the Mezzanine level was one of my favourite stalls the London International Silver Company  who made amazing antique handled goods such as magnifying glasses, paper knives, bottle openers and much more. They were so well crafted and unusual, a gift to treasure for years and years!

Daisy's Dog Deli

Daisy’s Dog Deli

Finally I can’t forget Mr Dog this Christmas and I loved the Christmas offerings from Daisy’s Dog Deli.