Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair London!

IMG_4464Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Country Living Magazine press tea celebrating the launch of their Christmas Fair in London. The fair always showcases some amazing creative talent and really gets you in the festive mood.IMG_4465

If you missed the London fair or it’s too far to travel then fear not as the fair is moving first to Glasgow and then onto Harrogate. Full details can be found on the Country Living Fair website. Today I thought I’d showcase some of my favourite stalls, in fact it’s almost a Christmas Wish List as I loved them all so much!IMG_4467


Whinberry & Antler

The first stall that caught my eye was the wonderful Whinberry & Antler. Inspired by the British countryside Whinberry & Antler design and print textiles by hand to create sumptuous furnishings and homeware. As the proud owner of two seriously cute Hedgehogs I immediately fell in love with the Hedgehog print, it’s going on my wish list post haste!

My Aunt Agatha

My Aunt Agatha

My next discovery was My Aunt Agatha. A wonderful stall full of quirky and delightful handmade homeware products. This draft excluder reminds me of my own dog.

Willow Gromit

Willow Gromit

I couldn’t resist a photo of this fabulous willow Gromit by Fon Cosens, I usually think of Willow as such a traditional material but Fon proved that it’s also incredibly versatile in the right hands.

Lotus Blossom Textiles

Lotus Blossom Textiles

I don’t need a needle case (believe me I have many) and yet strangely I need one of these needle cases from Lotus Blossom Textiles! Or one of her beautiful textile pictures.

Laura Rose Textiles

Laura Rose Textiles

Keeping with textile artistry I also loved these gorgeous fabric pictures from Laura Rose Textiles, Laura can make custom pictures of your favourite memories or scenes and they are fabulous!

Godminster Cheese

Godminster Cheese

I like Cheese at the best of times but this amazing Vintage Organic Cheddar from Godminster was simply heavenly and even better it’s available in a heart shaped piece!

Benji Bennett

Benji Bennett

Next I met the lovely Benji Bennett who is the author of a fabulous range of childrens books inspired by the sudden passing of his 4 year old son Adam. Each book promotes love, laughter and play within families and makes perfect bedtime reading for parents to share with their little ones. I was so impressed with Benji’s books and his use of rhythm and language, I can’t wait to get one to read to my own little peeps.

Santa Claus Book

Santa Claus Book

On the subject of books I also came across this amazing display (it snowed!) of books called ‘Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets’. Perhaps a book for slightly older children as it’s chock full of writing and information, my eldest son is an avid reader and he would adore it.



Twine with a twist! This fabulous Twool garden twine is a British wool alternative to imported Jute, you can craft with it, knit with it, use it for gardening, floristry or gift wrapping and best of all it’s made from Whiteface Dartmoor Sheep wool! It actually makes me quite sad to write about this stall as I fully intended to buy some of their festive coloured twine and completely forgot to go back after I’d finished taking photos (it was a long day!) 🙁

London International Silver Company

London International Silver Company

Tucked away on the Mezzanine level was one of my favourite stalls the London International Silver Company  who made amazing antique handled goods such as magnifying glasses, paper knives, bottle openers and much more. They were so well crafted and unusual, a gift to treasure for years and years!

Daisy's Dog Deli

Daisy’s Dog Deli

Finally I can’t forget Mr Dog this Christmas and I loved the Christmas offerings from Daisy’s Dog Deli.

Win Tickets to The Country Living Christmas Fair in Harrogate!

When I heard that Country Living where launching their fabulous Christmas fair in a new location I was excited, when I heard it was Harrogate I was doubly so as it’s closer to me than London 🙂 It’s also a little closer to Christmas than it’s London counterpart which means it will feel ultra festive.

Even more exciting though is our new competition! I have three pairs of tickets to the show to give away worth £24 each!

The Country Living Magazine comes to life with its very own Christmas fair new for 2012 in Harrogate. Decorations and gifts, food and frivolities, pampering and party wear from many of the best and most original British companies have been selected to delight visitors. Do all your Christmas shopping in a day, away from the masses on the high street, then relax and enjoy the festive season.

Yuletide is the time for family and friends to gather and share good will. Enjoy the delicious foods from regional artisan producers; stir senses with the smells and tastes of Christmas; and allow a little time for personal indulgence too. A visit to the Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair offers a huge variety of gifting ideas for everyone – young and old alike.

You will find absolutely everything you could wish for to make the holiday season special. So get ready for the Christmas and New Year celebrations with a visit to the Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair.

Harrogate Fair at the Harrogate International Centre, HG1 5LA from 29 Nov – 2 Dec 2012.

How To Enter

Entering couldn’t be simpler, just leave a comment on this post!

For extra entries either:

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The competition will end at midnight on Sunday 25th November 2012 (UK residents only please).

Make sure you leave me a way to contact you should you win 🙂 Good Luck!

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Mollie Makes Mouse Bed Tutorial

I have always had a fascination with mice, the stuffed variety that is not the ones that live in the skirting boards and leave holes everywhere!

In issue 11 of Mollie Makes magazine there was a a pattern to make a trio of cute mice from scraps of fabric. I couldn’t have been more happy!

I barely had the magazine home two seconds before I eagerly started to make the larger mouse, complete with pretty summer dress and cardigan.

The pattern for the dress can be found in Mollie Makes Issue 11 and the instructions for the cardigan can be found on the blog

of the designer

I also I wanted a way to display my little mouse. She was obviously very refined, so it seemed only fitting that she had a beautiful bed to recline in. As she needed to lie down I did make a tiny alteration to the Mouse pattern, choosing to join her legs to the bottom of her body rather than her tummy as the original pattern stated.

I made the bed from cardboard, masking tape, newspaper, PVA glue and paint. I also made a mattress, pillow and blanket.

The side pieces of the bed were cut from thick card. The card was from the back of a child’s sketchbook, but mount board would do just as well.

The two ends were cut with the headboard being larger than the bed end.

The headboard measures 12cms X 14cms.

A rectangle measuring 9cms X 5cms was cut from the end to make the shape of the two legs.

The bed end measures 12cms X 12cms and then a rectangle cut from the bottom the same size as the headboard end.

The base of the bed was cut from the same card. This piece measured 15cms X 18cms and a line was drawn along each long size 1 1/2cms from the edge. This line was scored with knife so the it could be folded up to make a base that a mattress could sit in.The pieces of the bed were taped together with masking tape. It’s a

good idea to use plenty of tape so that the bed feels firm.

I now cut strips of newspaper and glued these onto the bed to give

extra strength. PVA glue works well for this stage.

I carried on pasting paper until the whole bed was covered. I then reinforced by sticking on a further layer before allowing the glue to completely dry, usually about 24 hours.

Once I was satisfied that the bed was dry and felt nice and firm, I painted it with a small tester pot of emulsion paint in a cream colour. I found I needed three coats of paint to completely cover the newspaper print.

To give some pattern to the bed ends I cut some paper from some old music to paste on the ends. The pieces for the headboard end were 11cms X 7cms. The size for the foot end were 11cm X 5.5cms.

Once these pieces were dry I varnished the bed with two coats of quick drying gloss varnish.

Now to make some bedding. Firstly I made a mattress to fit inside the edge pieces. I cut 2 rectangles of fabric from some striped fabric and one piece from some wadding. These rectangles measured 14cms X 20cms. The two pieces of striped fabric were placed right sides facing with the wadding place underneath. I used a 1cm seam allowance and stitched around the edges leaving a 5cm gap at one of the shorter ends. I trimmed some of the fabric off at the corners and turned the mattress the right way out. On the side with the gap the fabric was tucked under and that edge sewn across to complete.

I decided to use a small scrap of pretty pink fabric for the pillow. Two rectangles were cut measuring 13cms X 8cms. These were placed right sides facing and sewn around leaving a gap on one of the shorter sides to turn out the right way. Once complete I turned this was stuffed with a small amount of toy stuffing and the gap sewn shut.

Finally the blanket was knitted by casting on 40 stitches with DK wool using size 4mm needles. I used two different colours to give a striped design. The blanket was knitted in stocking stitch, alternate rows of knit and purl. The stripes were as follows; 8 rows dark blue, 4 rows pale blue, 6 rows dark blue, 4 rows pale blue, 6 rows dark blue, 4 rows pale blue and finally 8 rows dark blue.

The bed was now ready for the small mouse.