A Passion For Collecting!

I was watching the news recently and they were talking about how many people have a real passion for collecting. All kinds of items were mentioned from the tiny to the huge (such as collecting cars). One lady emailed in during the program to say she had 400 cheese dishes!

We are no strangers to the compulsion to horde, whoops I meant collect! I’ve talked before about Anne collecting old glass jelly moulds. I’ve been known to collect various things from Teddy Bears (as a child) to Film Memorabilia. I seem to have a fairly short attention span and regularly move onto a new collection, but isn’t that part of the joy, the ever changing interest and expanding of knowledge? Although if you choose a large item it can take over your house with ease.

Anne also collects anything tea related, luckily she has several shelves that have managed to house the collection. Ringtons and Tetley would seem to be the favourites, but perhaps they are just the most prolific producers of tea related memorabilia.

At the moment though she has been buying up old baking cutters, not to use with food. But several have been utilised in sewing projects of all things, you’d be surprised just how creative she is!

Of course that is one of the side benefits of collecting, it seems to baulk at the idea of a throw away society. When one person can love an item whatever it’s age or in some cases condition, it breathes new life where others may have seen only junk.

Here’s a few items from the Angel Eden Store made from collected bits and bobs.


We’ve Moved!!

Welcome to our lovely brand spanking new blog! As you can probably see we have had a wonderful redesign courtesy of Helen & Pete of CCT Creative. It’s been so exciting seeing the design come together and I’ve been dying to tell you all about it, but decided to wait for the big reveal. We have also moved addresses from www.angeleden.blogspot.com to here www.angeledenblog.com so please update your bookmarks!

As the site is so new there may yet be a few bugs to work out, if you spot anything then please leave a comment or send me an email so we can get it sorted ASAP. But in the meantime what do you think of our new look?

Tis the season to hold a Fair!

With the festive season rapidly approaching fairs of every creative nature seem to have sprung up. Just last weekend I visited Lustre at Lakeside Arts in Nottingham. I’ve been for the past couple of years and it’s always a wonderful mix of new and old talent. Although I think my favourite has always been Steve Handley and his wonderful cupboards and hooks. This year seemed a little overrun with jewellery designers, which I appreciate may sound a little strange coming from a jewellery business myself, it just felt a little lacking in variety in comparison to previous years.

This weekend Anne is busy working away at Banks Mill winter open studios. I would have liked to have been there too, but I’m a bit bruised after a jolt earlier in the week, so decided I was better sitting at home eating chocolate pudding (oh the hardship!)

But that’s not the end of the weekends offerings. In Derby there is also the Fabulous Places Christmas Market which promises to be an amazing shopping experience in the run up to Christmas. We were truly quite gutted not to be able to attend as we were already booked at the mill.

But if you think that means a restful few weeks will follow you’d be mistaken. We are also attending the Christmas Craft fair at Kedleston Hall next weekend.

Then we have a smaller fair coming up the week after. Not exactly sure when we Santa will fit in all our his Christmas shopping in amongst all this, perhaps we can rope in a husband elf or two with a very specific list.