Boden Press Day Spring Summer 2012

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to Boden’s Press Day, to preview the Spring Summer 2012 collection. You are probably all aware that as well as this blog, I also write for the Boden Community. If you’ve not taken a look at their site yet do pop across and check it out, there are many wonderful posts on a wide variety of subjects. For today though, here is a brief taster of what Boden has in store for us next year.

The upcoming collection has been inspired by world travel, even the board outside welcomed us in with a giant airmail letter! The whole room was festooned with maps, globes, signposts and doors. It was a visual treat before you even began to peruse the clothing.

There were three stories within the collection:

Globetrotter – a more subtle direction for Boden. The prints were delicate and refined, think of a gorgeous watercolour painting. There was a real touch of classic feminine glamour.

Breton Charm – I adored this collection of clothes, nautical inspired prints with a classic Britishness that was hard to resist. Perfect for a Spring picnic beside the lake, these clothes were wearable, classic and relaxed.

Secret Mediterranean – The holiday collection, beautiful vibrant colours that instantly transport you to a world of bright blue seas, golden suns and hours spent on the beach. The summer dresses really stole my heart here, easy, comfortable but with little touches that really made them stand out.

Even the men have been well catered for, here I am busy flicking through a lookbook and admiring some wonderful summer shirts.

If I had to pick one must have item, it would be this stunning Purple Satchel bag (also available in tan and red). Although it seems I wasn’t alone and everyone I encountered was coveting it too. I’m sure that’s a mark of good taste 🙂

The Mini Boden collection was absolutely stunning, I particularly liked the pieces that employed a mixture of applique and traditional print.

The Boden team are a really happy, helpful bunch and are genuinely enthused about this collection. They know the pieces well and really believe in the vision they are creating.

So whether you’re looking to be smart, casual, classic or bright, Boden has something for all the family next year. I already have a shopping list of must have pieces for all my family (it’s rather long), I’m genuinely very excited!

A Passion For Collecting!

I was watching the news recently and they were talking about how many people have a real passion for collecting. All kinds of items were mentioned from the tiny to the huge (such as collecting cars). One lady emailed in during the program to say she had 400 cheese dishes!

We are no strangers to the compulsion to horde, whoops I meant collect! I’ve talked before about Anne collecting old glass jelly moulds. I’ve been known to collect various things from Teddy Bears (as a child) to Film Memorabilia. I seem to have a fairly short attention span and regularly move onto a new collection, but isn’t that part of the joy, the ever changing interest and expanding of knowledge? Although if you choose a large item it can take over your house with ease.

Anne also collects anything tea related, luckily she has several shelves that have managed to house the collection. Ringtons and Tetley would seem to be the favourites, but perhaps they are just the most prolific producers of tea related memorabilia.

At the moment though she has been buying up old baking cutters, not to use with food. But several have been utilised in sewing projects of all things, you’d be surprised just how creative she is!

Of course that is one of the side benefits of collecting, it seems to baulk at the idea of a throw away society. When one person can love an item whatever it’s age or in some cases condition, it breathes new life where others may have seen only junk.

Here’s a few items from the Angel Eden Store made from collected bits and bobs.