Guest Post – Inspiration for a rainy Sunday afternoon

For most of us the last couple of days have been fairly good weather wise. However on the whole this summer with it’s abundance of rain has been less than inspiring, but fear not today’s guest post courtesy of Tesco provides some rainy day ideas sure to please even the most ardent of sun worshipers!

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”
― Roger Miller

Sunday afternoons are the only time I get to spend with my hubby since he works on Friday and Saturday nights. So even if it’s raining and other people are curling up on the sofa with a pot of tea and a good book, Sunday for me is more of a date day!

Even if you don’t have my motivation to do something this weekend – and opening the curtains to grey clouds can be a bit depressing – read through this little list of rainy day diversions before you break out that paperback.

1. Cook Something New

Some of my favourite Sunday afternoons have been spent elbows-deep in flour with my face covered in chocolate. Even if you’re a mediocre cook (like me), having someone who is willing to try new recipes and scoff the fruits of your labour at the end of it is a great way to while away the hours.

2. Turn on the Oldies
I only recently saw Casablanca, and what a movie! They knew how to do romance in those days. If the weather’s looking grey, invite some friends over and host a movie marathon, but opt for something no one has seen, Dr Stangelove, Some Like it Hot and The Day the Earth Stood Still are some of my favourites.

3. Volunteer Babysit

There are many parents who would love to have a Sunday to spend with their feet up. Single parents in particular seldom get the chance to catch a movie or lunchtime date with a friend. Volunteer a couple of hours and bring some stickers, coloured paper, gel pens or whatever you have lying around and you might be surprised how much fun it is being back in kindergarten!

A Passion For Collecting!

I was watching the news recently and they were talking about how many people have a real passion for collecting. All kinds of items were mentioned from the tiny to the huge (such as collecting cars). One lady emailed in during the program to say she had 400 cheese dishes!

We are no strangers to the compulsion to horde, whoops I meant collect! I’ve talked before about Anne collecting old glass jelly moulds. I’ve been known to collect various things from Teddy Bears (as a child) to Film Memorabilia. I seem to have a fairly short attention span and regularly move onto a new collection, but isn’t that part of the joy, the ever changing interest and expanding of knowledge? Although if you choose a large item it can take over your house with ease.

Anne also collects anything tea related, luckily she has several shelves that have managed to house the collection. Ringtons and Tetley would seem to be the favourites, but perhaps they are just the most prolific producers of tea related memorabilia.

At the moment though she has been buying up old baking cutters, not to use with food. But several have been utilised in sewing projects of all things, you’d be surprised just how creative she is!

Of course that is one of the side benefits of collecting, it seems to baulk at the idea of a throw away society. When one person can love an item whatever it’s age or in some cases condition, it breathes new life where others may have seen only junk.

Here’s a few items from the Angel Eden Store made from collected bits and bobs.


Tea For Two

When I get the time one of my favourite indulgences is to stop in a gorgeous tea shop for a cake and a relax. I was recently visiting one of our gallery stockists in Chesterfield when I noticed a cafe called the Northern Tea Merchants. To say it’s a tea and coffee lovers paradise would be an understatement. The walls are adorned with quotations and the shelves are stacked with related delights to really wet your appetite. The smell of coffee beans wafts through the air and everything is beautifully packaged in gold. My tea was wonderful as was my slice of traditional victoria sponge. I will definitely be visiting again soon.

More information can be found on their website

One of my all time favourite teashops used to be Greystone’s in Leek. Whenever I went there it felt like I’m walking into somebody’s front room for tea and cake. Of course this is probably due to the fact that the room used to be the front room of a 17th century building. The owners have now taken semi retirement and no longer serve tea in their front room at Greystone’s. Fortunately they have taken on a new 16th century building called Time For Tea in the centre of Leek.

The new cafe also serves as a showroom for one of the owners Roger, who repairs antique clocks. In good weather there is a small walled garden to sit in, otherwise there are two beautiful rooms where you can relax.

If customers are interested in the history of the cafe there is a file all about the Parker family who originally built the building. The son Thomas Parker was born in the building in 1666 and in 1718 he became Lord Chancellor of Great Britain. He was also a poll-bearer at the funeral of Sir Isaac Newton.

Like the Northern Tea Company the tea here is made with tea leaves (not bags) and there are several varieties to choose from. For me though it is the cakes that stand out, I think they are the best I have tasted anywhere.

If you’re in the area I fully recommend a visit to either of these teashops.