Make a unique Valentine’s Card with Bostik!

The birth of Venus cardIt’s half term week here in Derbyshire and the kids have been here, there and everywhere! It might have been easy to forget Valentine’s Day but we’ve managed (just!) to fit it in. But who wants to make a boring old Valentine card? Certainly not us! So this Valentine’s don’t just give your loved one any old shop bought gift, give them a masterpiece of classical art (in card form). Make a unique Valentine’s card depicting the birth of Venus!

How better to say I love you than with the Goddess of love herself. The idea is all my own and I’m very pleased with it. However all the products used in this card creation were provided by the lovely folks at Bostik as I’m a Bostik Craft Ambassador in association with the Tots100.

Considering that you’re giving cardboard life to a Goddess this card is actually surprisingly easy to make and great fun for the kids. Of course I leave it up to you just how clothed you’d like Venus to be, plus the card can be as accurate or inaccurate (and fun!) a depiction of the great painting as you like. Ours is more of a loving homage 🙂

What You’ll Need:

1 Paper plate

Plain white thin cardboard

Bostik Micro Dots


Stick on Decorations (eg foam hearts, jewels, Bostik Glitter Pens etc.)

I’ve made a little video to show you just how the card is made, but if you’d prefer text instructions then take a look below.

Step 1 – Start by taking one paper plate and folding it carefully in half.

Step 2 – Cut a triangle shape out from each end of the fold in the plate, to give the plate a shell shape.

Step 3 – Cut a piece of thin card 10cm X 1 1/2cm. Fold the card in three places: after 1/2cm, 2cm & 7cm.

Step 4 – Using some Bostik Micro Dots cut two short lengths to stick onto either end of the strip of thin card. Remove the clear backing to reveal the sticky dots.

Step 5 – Stick the card strip onto the back of the plate to make a platform and hinge for your pop-up figure.

Step 6 – Draw your pop-up figure, I drew a (naive) version of the Goddess Venus holding a heart. Of course she could look however you’d like. Colour and cut out your figure.

Step 7 – Using a long strip of Micro Dots stick the figure to the pop-up hinge on the plate.

Step 8 – Cut a strip of thin card 3 1/2cm X 1 1/2cm. Create two folds, the first after 1/2cm, then again after 2cm. Cut some Micro Dots and attach to the smaller 1/2cm fold.

Step 9 – Attach a pop-up decoration to the larger 1cm fold, I used stick on foam hearts. Pull off the clear backing from the Micro Dots and attach the decoration to your plate. Make as many as you like!

Step 10 – In the original painting a Cherub flies in the air above Venus, I used a Cherub shaped hole puncher with sticky back plastic to create my own versions. I added glitter using Bostik Glitter Pens and jewels and hearts using Bostik Glu Dots.

Ta-Da one gorgeous and very unique Valentine’s card!

If you do decide to make your own plate masterpiece then please do send me an email and tag me in the post, I’d love to see how they turn out!

Valentines craft and card tutorial with Bostik!

Today I’m bringing you my first Valentine craft and card tutorial as part of the Bostik Craft Bloggers Network. Every month Bostik send members of the network a pack containing crafty materials and challenge us to create something to share with our readers!

Bostik sent me:


A tube of Bostik Glu & Fix all purpose glue

Blu Tack foam pads

2 blank white cards

A foil heart shape box

Foam heart shape

2 silver pom poms

A4 of red card

A4 sparkly red felt


I enlisted my children and together we created two lovely cards and a tiny personalised book as a gift.

IMG_6840Badge Card

Adding a badge onto a card creates a wonderful 3d element plus it doubles as a small gift.

IMG_6832Start by cutting two heart shapes from the red felt and gluing them together using the Bostik Glu & Fix. Next attach a badge back or safety pin through the back of the felt.

IMG_6833Cut another heart from the red card and glue onto the top right hand side of your greetings card. My daughter made the heart into a balloon and drew a woman holding it.

We then used the Blu Tack foam pads to attach the badge onto the top of the red heart on the card.

IMG_6844Foam Heart Card

My youngest son made this card on his own by sticking the sparkly foam heart onto the front of a card using the Bostik Glu & Fix. Then he decorated the card using felt tips. Finally he used the Blu Tack foam pads to attach the two silver pom poms to the front.

IMG_6846Love Tiny Book in Gift Box

My eldest son folded some plain white paper together to make a concertina and then we made a book cover from the red card and glued the concertina inside.IMG_6836

Next he drew all the things that he loves inside the book and placed it inside the foil gift box to present to his Daddy. 🙂


The kids had a fabulous time getting creative and Daddy is sure to love his gifts come Feb 14th!


Valentine Magnet Badge Card Gift Tutorial!

If you hadn’t already guessed by the abundance of red and pink in the shops, (not to mention a copious amount of stuffed bears holding hearts) Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. Personally I shy away from shop bought offerings, instead preferring to spend a bit of time making a handmade gift or card. It’s also a fabulous way to involve my children in the day. They really enjoy making presents and cards for their friends or each other.

Today’s tutorial is also quite versatile as the hearts can be made into either fridge magnets or badges, both of which can be attached to the front of a handmade card.

You Will Need

Thin Cardboard

Old Newspapers

PVA glue

Acrylic Paint

Decorative Paper or Fabric

Embellishments – sequins, fabric, buttons etc.

Quick Drying Gloss Varnish

Badge backs or Magnets

Strong All Purpose Glue

Step 1

Start by cutting out small heart shapes from the thin cardboard (old cereal boxes work perfectly). If you want to make sure the hearts are even, fold the cardboard in half then draw half a heart against the fold before unfolding and cutting out. It’s even quicker if you save the first heart and use it as a template to cut out several more.

Step 2

Cut out some small pieces of newspaper (just larger than your heart). Using PVA glue, stick nine layers of newspaper to one side of the heart and leave to dry. Once dry, cut the excess newspaper away to leave the heart shape, then repeat the process on the opposite side. If the heart curls slightly while drying, place it under some books to flatten out. If it has badly curled use a hot dry iron (I put brown paper between the iron and the shape), but be careful not to burn it.

Step 3

Once all the hearts are completely dry, paint both sides with acrylic paint (I used a gold colour).

Next using either decorative paper or fabric cut out a heart just slightly smaller than your original shape. Stick to the front; as it’s slightly smaller you should see a little of the painted edge all the way around.

Step 4

Now comes the fun part, decoration! I used sequins, fabric, buttons and words torn from paper. Stick them to the front of the heart using the all purpose glue. When you are happy with your design and the glue has dried, apply a couple of layers of varnish. Don’t forget to varnish the back of the heart once the front is dry. Finally attach a badge back or magnet to the back of the heart using a strong all purpose glue.

If you want to mount the hearts onto cards they can be attached with small sticky pads or cut a couple of holes to attach the badge back through.