Christmas crafts with Bostik!

Christmas crafts with BostikChristmas is nearly here! The tone of that statement and whether it strikes fear or excitement is often directly correlated with just how prepared you feel for the festive season. Many of us find ourselves flooded with obligations both pleasant and stressful, but if there’s one Christmas tradition I always make time to fit in it’s crafting, especially with my children. So in an attempt to bring a little normality back into our chaotic home (see my previous post!) I bring you our Christmas crafts with Bostik!


As usual our box was jam packed with creative goodies:

Bostik Glu Dots and Blu Tack

Pipe Cleaners and Pegs

Polystyrene Ball & Star shapes

Cardboard Cone

White Foam and Coloured Card

Gift Bag

Ric Rac and Ribbon

Glittery Stickers and Pom Poms

Gift tags

Decorative paper

Small brass bells


What we made:

Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel

The cardboard cone could have become many things but as we had a new Christmas tree sadly lacking a winged friend to adorn the top, an angel was the obvious choice.

I started by cutting the wings out from white foam.


Next I made a hole in the polystyrene ball and pushed it onto the top of the cone to give the angel a head. I painted the head using a mixture of chalk paint colours which gives a lovely soft matt finish, it also dries really fast! It is more commonly used to paint furniture.


Once the paint had dried I used the Bostik glu dots to stick ribbon around the base of the cone (or dress).IMG_0567-1

This was further accessorised with silver ric rac, also stuck using the glu dots.IMG_0568-1

Next her wings needed to be attached. If you want to test to find the best height then use a little of the blu tack. Final adhesion is achieved using the glu dots once again (they really are useful to have at hand).

Finally I used a gold bell (so she can ring out the good news!) looped onto a ribbon to give the angel a pendant. This is attached at the back using yet another glu dot.IMG_0583-1

Gift Bag

My youngest was in charge of the gift bag decoration and chose to use a selection of sparkly stickers to create this festive wonder.Christmas Giftbag

Gift Tags

All three children were given free reign to cut paper, stick pom poms, stickers and anything else they fancied onto our gift tags. We were given two pre-cut tags, but we also used the cardboard to cut more out.

Gift tags

Peg Princess

My daughter made a Peg Princess using ribbon and off cuts from snowflake stickers to make a tiara.IMG_0587-1

We had a wonderful time listening to Christmas music while crafting away and I wholeheartedly recommend it!

The Littlest Angel DVD Review!

The nights are drawing in, the weather’s turning colder and we are all starting to snuggle up on sofas with our families to watch heartwarming films in the lead up to Christmas. Or at least that’s what seems to happen in my house. We have a rather large collection of said films, which seems to get larger year on year. When I therefore heard about the new film/DVD ‘The Littlest Angel’ I jumped at the chance to review it with my kids.

A brand new film all about a small angel who can’t quite fit with the heavenly program. While all the other trainee angels are growing their wings through endless good deeds, Littlest has a crooked halo and is always late for class. The film follows his trials and tribulations in the lead up to the first Christmas, will he get back to heaven in time for the big event?

My first impression is that this little film has a brilliant ability to captivate my children, I didn’t hear a peep throughout the whole movie. It’s a very sweet little tale that any parent could approve of and it fits wonderfully with the impending festive season.

My next impression was that the animation was quite different to the usual style of computer animated films. It’s more rounded and slightly less detailed (intentionally). My husband thought it looked a bit like computer animated modelling clay. Overall it actually added to the ‘cuteness’ as everything in the film was big, round, cuddly and bright.

I also found my attention wavering in places. I think this is primarily due to the film’s pacing, it’s not hugely fast paced especially at the beginning. In fact I’d say it had more of a television speed, rather than a movie. If I had been the editor I would have split it in to two or three episodes but that’s just personal preference on my part. My children certainly stayed engaged the entire time.

Would I recommend this?

As a sweet little family friendly film I think this movie hits the mark. I didn’t personally find it overly engaging, but I think this film (unlike some bigger name animations of recent years) is one made for the kids. If you are looking for a cute little festive film that your children will enjoy, then this little DVD fits the bill very well.

Could it be improved in anyway?

I’d like it to have been split up into two or three episodes as I mentioned before but that’s just my own personal opinion. A cute little box set with a cuddly ‘Littlest’ might have been cute too as this would make a lovely present.


The Littlest Angel is out on DVD (RRP £12.99) and Download to Own and Rent 10th October 2011 courtesy of Lions Gate Home Entertainment.