A Venetian Paper Dream

I’ve just come back from a short break in Venice, I’ve been before and the draw of the beautiful artwork, amazing architecture and to die for paper called me back. This time I stayed in a small town called Treviso, it has it’s own city walls and canals, and even though it is not technically in Venice, it’s beautiful in it’s own right.

Once again I couldn’t resist the many paper creations. In an earlier post I showed you how I used this to renovate some pine furniture. My favourite shop was hidden down one of the smaller canals, where the window is full with all manner of items made with this stunning paper.

I had to remind myself to rein in the spending though, as prices in Venice seem to have leapt since I last visited and this paper was now 9 Euros a sheet!

My latest project involving this indulgence was turning an old box file into a wall cupboard. It was an ebay purchase and thankfully made of wood. After sanding and treating the front and sides much like I had previous projects I glued on an old wooden ruler, two old keys, a paint brush and some buttons. It sounds a bit odd but I love the finished product and it is now proudly hung upon the wall.

Finally inspired by the key I hung on the cupboard I thought I would hunt you all out some of my favourite key inspired jewellery.

The first necklace is called The Bus Ride by Counting Stiches and can be bought on Etsy.

Next is called Peep Show and is sold by Secret Jewellz also on Etsy.

Finally a couple of our own creations which embrace our love of keys