If you plant a scroll, it will grow??

A few weeks ago I wrote about a paper scroll I received from Nature Valley. The scroll told me to plant it, before you all start backing away from your screens, it told me in the sense that it had a written message upon it. So new gardening gloves in tow I dutifully placed it into a lovely terracotta pot and forgot about it.

Well last night I popped into the garden and I’m pleased to report, it’s grown shoots! I haven’t got the foggiest exactly what these shoots will transpire to be, but the point is, it’s grown! Who would have thought that paper could be so inventive. I may start writing all my notes on seed scrolls, a one woman mission to make the world a more pretty place!

Unfortunately we will just have to wait and see what these little shoots of green turn out to be.  But I’m currently having a childlike sense of pride that this little scroll actually grew, as I’ve said before, I direct gardening I don’t do it personally.

I received this little scroll courtesy of Nature Valley. But I have found this site online, which sells all kinds of seed paper. I’d like to try out the seeded printer paper!