Urban Gardens Events with Nature Valley!

Just a quick post to let you all know about some fabulous events coming up. Nature Valley are planning on bringing a little bit of the countryside to the city with their Urban Gardens Events.

They will be hosting fete games, giving out prizes and much more. I personally fancy having a go at ‘Splat the rat’ to enjoy a free Nature Valley bar! So if you’re nearby do check them out as they look like a lot of fun.

Nature Valley – Gardens to Go Event

Sometime ago I wrote about the fabulous Facebook competition from Nature Valley called Gardens to Go. Entrants designed perfect mini gardens, with the hope that theirs might be made for real! The top 50 entries have now been picked and this Wednesday you could get your hands on one.

On Wednesday 13th July there will be gardens dropped off at 5 secret locations around London, 10 gardens in each location. The gardens are there for anyone who finds them, so you could actually take one home!

To be in with a chance, you’ll need to take part in the Treasure Hunt due to happen all across Twitter on the 13th. Make sure you’re following @NatureValleyUK who will be tweeting clues, pictures and much more.

I would personally love to join in the fun, but wont be in London on Wednesday 🙁 so you guys need to get out there and grab one instead. If you feel like popping one on a train to Derbyshire I could definitely give it a good home.

If you plant a scroll, it will grow??

A few weeks ago I wrote about a paper scroll I received from Nature Valley. The scroll told me to plant it, before you all start backing away from your screens, it told me in the sense that it had a written message upon it. So new gardening gloves in tow I dutifully placed it into a lovely terracotta pot and forgot about it.

Well last night I popped into the garden and I’m pleased to report, it’s grown shoots! I haven’t got the foggiest exactly what these shoots will transpire to be, but the point is, it’s grown! Who would have thought that paper could be so inventive. I may start writing all my notes on seed scrolls, a one woman mission to make the world a more pretty place!

Unfortunately we will just have to wait and see what these little shoots of green turn out to be.  But I’m currently having a childlike sense of pride that this little scroll actually grew, as I’ve said before, I direct gardening I don’t do it personally.

I received this little scroll courtesy of Nature Valley. But I have found this site online, which sells all kinds of seed paper. I’d like to try out the seeded printer paper!