Nature Valley, Gardening & Scrolls!

Following on from my post yesterday I was delighted when the postman knocked on my door this morning with this beautiful package from Nature Valley 🙂

You’ll probably remember from previous posts that I am a big fan of Nature Valley bars, so I was more than delighted to have a new stash to eat (I may share one or two) they also sent me some lovely gardening gloves and a paper scroll. Yesterday I admitted to being the director of garden operations and didn’t actually get stuck in with the hard work. Well inspired by the gloves and Nature Valley’s new facebook app/comp, I hope you’ll all be over the top proud when I show you these pics where I actually planted something myself! Before you all tell me that I appear to be planting a sheet of paper. This was the scroll Nature Valley sent, inside it said ‘You can plant me and I will grow!’  so I’ve dutifully followed this advice and can’t wait to see what will start appearing in due course. It did conjure up images of Alice in Wonderland, I’ve heard of seed paper before but I’ve never had the chance to try it until now. It would make fabulous wedding favours.

So get your gloves on and get gardening, I’ll let you off if you plant a virtual garden over on facebook as some very lucky designers will have those gardens made for real for everyone to enjoy in London.

I’ll also report back when the scroll starts to grow into something pretty!


Nature Valley has just launched two lovely new flavours (believe me they are scrumptious!) they’re called

  • Nature Valley Crunchy &More Oats & Berries
  • Nature Valley Crunchy &More Oats & Hazelnuts

you can pick them up in all the major supermarkets.

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