The Gardening Season

We’ve had some fantastic weather recently, we’ve been celebrating this gorgeous sunshine with plenty of BBQs and lots of games in the garden. But it’s also made both Anne and myself start looking at our gardens and seeing areas we want to improve.

We’re both big fans of terracotta pots, I think they give a cottage feel to any plant and they’re relatively inexpensive as a pretty addition to your garden. I thought I’d share some pics of our recent plantings. Have you been out in your garden recently?

If you don’t have a garden or perhaps just don’t have the inclination to garden (I hold my hands up here, I direct operations, I don’t actually do anything) then you could have a bit of fun by entering Nature Valley’s new Facebook comp. You can create a miniature garden in a pot and possibly win a prize. I’ve already made quite a few, I’m particularly fond of the pond feature (possibly as I don’t have one). Do let me know if you make one so I can go and check it out in the gallery.

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