The Craftivist Jigsaw Project

Last Friday (March 1st) I went along to the first installation of the Craftivist’s Collective jigsaw project. It was held in the cafe of the People’s History Museum in Manchester. As we were traveling from Derbyshire (and I was excited!) we set off nice and early and had a cup of tea in the museum cafe beforehand. Sarah Corbett from the Craftivist’s Collective arrived shortly after us and started to put up over 600 jigsaw pieces!

At 6.00pm people started to arrive for the launch and the finishing touches were being completed.

The wall of more then 600 pieces looked amazing. There were crafters from Reading, London, Derby, Birmingham, Leeds, possibly other places and of course Manchester.

There were also representatives from Save the Children plus a photographer who took loads of pictures which I am sure will be seen on the Save the Children site.

A lot of photographs were taken of people pointing with pride to the pieces they had made :).Sarah told us how pleased she was at the great response the project had received.

The puzzle pieces are moving to Northern Ireland in time for the G8 and apparently there will be even more added to them. This shows just how much people care about the problem of hunger in the world at large.

In Derby we were able to make a total of 22 pieces and it was great to see them scattered amongst the others. In this photo you can see a couple of pieces that had not been photographed before, they are in the top left and bottom right corners.

It has been a really thought provoking project and because it has taken a lot longer than simply signing a petition, I feel the issues stay with you.




Race Against Hunger Jigsaw Project Update

You may recall that we recently organised a group sewing session to make some Jigsaw pieces for the installation organised by the Craftivists-collective in support of Save the Children’s Race Against Hunger Campaign. Today I thought I would just post a little update.

I am about to send off the first twenty pieces which have been embroidered by people in Derby. The majority by members of the Derby Makers group who meet in the Silk Mill Museum .

I am hoping there may be a few more yet to be finished, but as time is running out this first batch will soon be on their way. All pieces are being put up at the Peoples History Museum, Manchester on March 1st. I tried to take some photos of the jigsaws on my kitchen table but it was difficult to fit all twenty in to the picture!

Everyone chose their own words to embroider but several have also included the hash tag #imapiece which makes conversations about the project easy to follow on twitter.


This picture shows some pieces made by others. Crafters from all over the country have been joining in.

Save the Children’s Race against Hunger Campaign.

Recently many news outlets have focused on the problem of food waste, apparently nearly half of the food grown and produced in the world is wasted, amazingly this is about 2 billion tonnes.

An incredible 30% of fruit and vegetables grown in this country does not even arrive at the shops because it doesn’t look ‘right’ and British households throw away on average between 30-50% of the food we buy.

The same is true of water as water is being wasted when used to grow food that is never eaten. More information can be found here BBC News

This information really struck home as Abi and myself at Angel Eden had already decided to make a jigsaw piece to be part of an installation organised by the Craftivist Collective in support of Save the Children’s Race against Hunger Campaign.

The Craftivist Collective are asking people to make a jigsaw piece out of fabric and then embroider some words on it that will make yourself and others think about the problem of children dying of hunger. A  staggering 300 children die every hour of every day!

They also suggest that you make 2 more pieces, one to keep as a constant reminder of the problem and one to send to your MP. Everything you need can be found at the Craftivists Collective website.

The completed jigsaw pieces are to be sent to the Craftivists Collective before the end of February and will be put together for an installation to be used at the time of the next G8 conference which Britain will host in June this year.

As well as making our own jigsaw pieces we are organising a couple of group meets to make more. They will both be on Tuesday January 29th. The first is with a group of friends at someones house and the second is at a meet of Derby Makers in the evening.

Anyone in the Derby area is very welcome to come to the evening which will be held at The Silk mill Museum Derby from 7.00-9.00.

Please contact me ( if you would like any further details.