Quick Pin Cushion Tutorial

Everyone that loves to sew needs a pin cushion! This little one is quick to make and uses very little fabric but is still the perfect addition to your work box.

First of all you need to cut out 4 small squares of fabric, mine were 8.5 centimeter square.

I used two different fabrics which adds a bit of extra interest to the final pin cushion.

The next step is to sew two squares together along one of their sides. If you are using two different fabrics then sew a piece from each design here. Once sewn iron the seams open.

You should now have two strips of fabric made up of one square from each design.

They are now sewn together matching the central seem carefully. They need to be sewn so that each piece is attached to the other fabric design so that once finished and pressed they look like this.

Next fold your work in half and sew down the two side seams. Then carefully press the seams open.

The next step is more difficult to describe so I hope the picture helps to show what I mean.

The two side seams are folded into the middle and the seams are matched together, you end up with something looking a little like a pyramid! You will need to sew from the middle to one edge and leave the other side of the work open to be able to turn the right side out. Before doing this I pressed the seam I had sewn and also pressed the seam allowance on the open seam which makes it easier to sew shut once the pin cushion is stuffed.

Stuff the pin cushion firmly and then sew the opening shut. I then turned the cushion over and sewed a vintage button into the middle going completely through the cushion and pulled it firmly to give a good shape.

Here is the finished cushion which makes both a practical and attractive gift.

Wrist Pin Cushion Tutorial!

A short while ago I shared our Needle Case Tutorial with you all. Today I thought I bring you it’s perfect partner, the wrist pin cushion!

Being able to wear your pin cushion on your wrist is definitely practical, particularly if you’re pinning up a hem so you don’t constantly have to reach across to a table or have someone pass pins over.

What You’ll Need

1 rectangle of fabric 30cm X 10cm

2 circles of fabric measuring approx 10cm across






Step 1

First take your rectangle piece of fabric, this will make our strap. Fold in half lengthways with right sides of the fabric together. Sew along the long edge and one short edge. Turn the fabric the right way out through the unsewn end. Fold in the open end and edgestitch around the whole rectangle.


Step 2

Place your 2 circles of fabric right sides together.  Sew around the edge leaving a gap about 3cm long. You may find it helpful to clip the edges after sewing to get a smoother line once turned right way out.  Turn the circle the right way out and stuff firmly, then handstitch the open gap closed.


Step 3

Now we need to attach the cushion to the strap. Lay the strap across the cushion so that is it laying roughly in the centre of the strap. Sew either side of the strap to the pin cushion.


Step 4

To fasten the pin cushion we cut a short length of velcro and sewed this to both ends of the strap.

Ta da! You’ve made a lovely pin cushion.