Top Tips for getting glammed up for party season!

I’ve said it before and I dare say I’ll say it again but the festive party season is nearly upon us! Whether it’s a work-do or a night out with friends, getting glammed up can be a real treat! Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Pauls Hair WorldHair

Trying to get your hair to behave in Winter can be challenging at best, impossible at worst. Instead of single handedly making a hole in the ozone layer with hair spray, consider getting some good quality hair extensions. You can shop for fabulous Universal Hair Extensions online at Pauls Hair World, they even come in some really funky colours if you’re feeling daring.


Treat yourself to some gorgeous new makeup, I particularly like this >Groovy Kind-a Love set from Benefit cosmetics, everything you need in a funky little tin! You could even take it to work with you if you’re going straight out to a party afterwards.

takeapictureIf your skin is feeling (or looking) a little worse for wear thanks to the drab weather then grab yourself some moisturising body balm >‘Take a picture…It lasts longer…’ again from Benefit Cosmetics even has a little shimmering sparkle!


Heels may be obligatory for the party itself, but save your tootsies from unnecessary pain by purchasing some folding shoes like these >Mischa Black Pumps from RedFoot to wear to and from the party. They’re a life saver for tired aching feet.


A sparkly clutch is a standard party favourite, but if you’re dancing the night away consider buying one that comes with a strap to wear across your body. This >Diagonal Zip Across Body Bag from Accessorize is perfect for keeping your change safe, secure and stylish!


Keep your accessories sparkly and fun! I love this Champagne Drop Necklace from Tatty Devine, they even make matching earrings!


Summer party dress decisions…

Wedding season is well and truly upon us. As brides up and down the country are counting down the days until their special day, wedding guests (particularly women) up and down the country are wondering what on earth to wear??

First of all what colour should you wear? White always seems like a no no, for starters most brides have the monopoly on white, plus there’s always the chance that the bride is wearing Ivory (as I did) and the last thing you want is for your crisp white dress to make the bride’s look dirty 🙁 Jewel colours are a favourite of mine and perfect for evening celebrations, but what if the service is starting at 12 or 1, will your colour choice hold up for both day and night?

Then there’s the style or cut, too short may not be decent for a wedding. Too long and you might be accused of pretending to be a bridesmaid. Too casual and you might look like you can’t be bothered, too formal and you’ve gone too far. It’s a minefield!

Or at least it is for me, I’ll admit that my habit of over thinking things is probably to blame. Especially considering that my own wedding was attended by those wearing the decidedly informal New Rock boots though to almost ball gowns and I was completely unfazed. I was more agreeably engaged with my own dress and how the church and reception venue was decorated 🙂

Just in case anyone else finds these kind of decisions as hard as I do, I thought I would share my current favourite wedding attendee dress choices. You could of course wear a skirt or indeed trousers, but weddings are a great excuse to go all out feminine and wear a dress so I usually do.

I think all of these dresses are gorgeous and perfect for taking you through from day to night (if you have the time to change though two dresses is always fun!) They are all from reiss, which has long been one of my favourite stores. They seem to bridge the gap between high street and designer perfectly and while some of my former favourites have wavered over the years (usually due to a change in design direction) Reiss has stayed right up there!

What are your wedding picks this year?


Crafts for a Rainy Day!

Today we have a guest post packed with wonderful activities to keep you busy on a rainy day!

Gloomy, rainy days may provide the perfect excuse for sitting around watching films and vegging out. But, why waste the day away when you can be productive? Don’t let the dreary weather dampen your spirits and energy. Try some of these activities that will keep you occupied and bring out your creative side.

Turn a pillowcase into a T-shirt

Some of the best pieces of clothing are those that are worn, vintage, display your favourite rock band, or are created from another item that you love. This is because they have character and sentimental value. If you have a pillow case that you are particularly fond of, then show it off! First cut out holes for the head and arms. Start off very small and then gradually increase the size of the holes until you are pleased. Then cut the shirt to the length you like – long like a tunic, tailored at your waist or a chic crop top. Once you’re finished, you can leave the seams undone and frayed or finish them by sewing a hem or applying an adhesive that is found at craft stores.

Create your own greeting cards

There is something very special about handmade cards. That personal touch and effort really shows and recipients appreciate it. Keep cards on hand for any occasion by making your own personalised stock. Start off by measuring plain stationary so that it fits your envelopes. Then, fold it to form a card. Then use decorative pens or glue to write your salutation and adorn the card with whatever stickers, stamps, decorative paper, patterns and drawings you wish.

Make decorative vases

Have some old wine bottles lying around? Maybe some old vases that are boring and plain? Turn them into spectacular showpieces for your flower arrangements. All you need is spray paint to give them a bright, new look. To get intricate patterns and stripes, spray over rubber bands and them remove them. A glue gun is a great tool to write three-dimensional words and sayings. For even more texture, try adding Epsom salt.

Declutter and redecorate

Okay, just a little. Nobody wants to spend the entire day cleaning. However, it can be much more rewarding than you think. Decluttering and redecorating is quite invigorating. The process of getting rid of old junk helps clear your space and mind. Plus, there are services like musicMagpie that will pay you for any unwanted and old electronics. Afterwards, unleash your creative side, by rearranging furniture, adding color and new decorations to your space.

Snap eye-catching photographs

If a little rain doesn’t deter you from being outdoors, then grab your rain gear and a camera. Clouds, lightening and rain provide for some of the best shots. Play with different filters and settings to help capture the weather, streets, people, garden and anything that inspires you. Once you’re through, create a collage of your pictures or hang them throughout the house.