Summer party dress decisions…

Wedding season is well and truly upon us. As brides up and down the country are counting down the days until their special day, wedding guests (particularly women) up and down the country are wondering what on earth to wear??

First of all what colour should you wear? White always seems like a no no, for starters most brides have the monopoly on white, plus there’s always the chance that the bride is wearing Ivory (as I did) and the last thing you want is for your crisp white dress to make the bride’s look dirty 🙁 Jewel colours are a favourite of mine and perfect for evening celebrations, but what if the service is starting at 12 or 1, will your colour choice hold up for both day and night?

Then there’s the style or cut, too short may not be decent for a wedding. Too long and you might be accused of pretending to be a bridesmaid. Too casual and you might look like you can’t be bothered, too formal and you’ve gone too far. It’s a minefield!

Or at least it is for me, I’ll admit that my habit of over thinking things is probably to blame. Especially considering that my own wedding was attended by those wearing the decidedly informal New Rock boots though to almost ball gowns and I was completely unfazed. I was more agreeably engaged with my own dress and how the church and reception venue was decorated 🙂

Just in case anyone else finds these kind of decisions as hard as I do, I thought I would share my current favourite wedding attendee dress choices. You could of course wear a skirt or indeed trousers, but weddings are a great excuse to go all out feminine and wear a dress so I usually do.

I think all of these dresses are gorgeous and perfect for taking you through from day to night (if you have the time to change though two dresses is always fun!) They are all from reiss, which has long been one of my favourite stores. They seem to bridge the gap between high street and designer perfectly and while some of my former favourites have wavered over the years (usually due to a change in design direction) Reiss has stayed right up there!

What are your wedding picks this year?


Pattern Love: Modkid Boutique – Adult Kyoko Dress

Earlier this year I developed a serious case of Pattern Love! I fell for the beautiful Kyoko Dress pattern from ModKid Boutique and made it in several combinations for my little girl. At the time I could only wish for an adult version. A short while ago that wish came true when ModKid released the eagerly anticipated adult and teen patterns. So armed with a stash of fabric I set to work.

The instructions were very similar to the smaller version which made progress nice and simple. The pattern does suggest that the dress is made of a Stretch Jersey fabric, but it can be made from Woven fabrics with some small alterations. I had some gorgeous woven material that was just itching to be cut out. Here is the final result.

I made the dress with 3/4 length sleeves. Eagle eyed readers will notice that my Obi Belt is slightly thinner than the pattern shows, this was a matter of personal preference on my part and a mini alteration that I chose to make. I love my finished Kyoko dress, it’s lived up to my expectations and more.

But ever keen to experiment I went a little further and changed the neckline to give a deeper plunge and lower back, I also altered the hem length slightly. I love this little variation as much as the original.

Happily enough the belts work quite well on either dress! They are also ridiculously comfortable which means they will be worn often. My fabric choices might not be for everyone, but I can’t resist a bold pattern and a striking colour combo 🙂


Pattern Love: Modkid Boutique

Every so often I develop a serious case of Pattern Love. This is when I come across a pattern so wonderful that I can’t stop making it in various fabrics and combinations. The joy being that the more often you make it, the quicker and easier it becomes. So today I thought I would share with you my most recent case of obsession, The Kyoko Dress pattern by ModKid Boutique! I can’t remember how I first came across this pattern, but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to buy it. In fact this wasn’t as easy as it sounds, the only UK store selling it was out of stock and many US sellers were too. Then I had a thank-goodness-for-ebay moment when I found a lovely lady in the US willing to ship to me here 🙂

As soon as the pattern arrived I started searching for the perfect fabrics, as luck would have it my Mum had just bought a metre of Robert Kaufman Urban Zoologie so this became the starting point. I then bought some Owl & Apple fabric by Timeless Treasures. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and my daughter loves the dress.

Initially I hadn’t planned on making anymore dresses straight away, but on raiding my fabric stash I discovered a tiny bit of old Nani Iro fabric and realised there was just enough to make the dress bodice again. I also had some pink fabric that I had designed myself. You might recognise the fabric on the obi belt as some leftover from making pyjamas from a dyed sheet a few weeks ago. So here is the second dress , this time with short sleeves. Again my daughter loves it (and I’m secretly wondering if I can upscale it to make myself one!)

This pattern can also be made as a top, I haven’t completed one yet but you can probably guess what some of my future projects are.

Have any of you developed a case of pattern love recently?