Bonbi Forest – City Lights Locket & Masquerade Postcard Book

I was recently introduced to the world of Bonbi Forest, an exquisite website which showcases the artwork and designs of Lee May Foster-Wilson. Today I’m going to show you a couple of her pieces that I absolutely adore!

City Lights LocketCity Lights Locket

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a complete weakness for lockets, the idea that I can hide an image inside my jewellery holds endless appeal and consequently I own quite a few! IMG_5799

Lee May’s City Lights Locket is beyond beautiful. For a start the image adorning the front of the locket is nothing short of magical, perfectly capturing the twilight beauty that a city scape can exude. I found the catch on the locket a little difficult to open the first time but once I did I found two decent recesses inside the locket to house pictures. It’s worth noting that this locket has no framing abilities and you will need to secure your images against the metal.IMG_5784

I chose the silver plated option although the locket and chain are also available in a gold tone. Above the locket hangs two sparkly Swarovski crystals and even the clasp holds a gold star and acrylic tag.IMG_5789

The locket is truly gorgeous and priced at £19 I think it would make a thoughtful and reasonably priced gift. Not to mention the fact that the locket comes wrapped in an organza bag inside an ingenious origami packet, I actually made ‘ooh aww’ noises when I opened the parcel and that was just for the packaging!

IMG_5801Masquerade Postcard Book

This is one of the most delightful collaborations of female artists that I have seen in a while. The 2013 ‘Girls Who Draw’ postcard book is a collection of 24 cards on the theme ‘Masquerade’ by 12 female illustrators, designers and artists. IMG_5802

Each artist has interpreted this theme in their own unique way but they’re all a visual treat which is sure to delight any recipient. I was trying to decide if I had a favourite image but they are all so wonderful I really struggled. This amazing print from Sandra Dieckmann immediately captured my heart with its whimsical interpretation so beautifully executed. Far from treating these postcards as correspondence aids I think they’d look great mounted in a frame and hung on the wall.IMG_5803

Other artists include Alys Paterson, Aurora Cacciapuoti, Beth Morrison, Helen Entwisle, Karoline Rerrie, Kate Sutton, Kristyna Baczynski, Lee May Foster-Wilson, Ruth Gree, Sandra Dieckmann, Arah Lippett and Yee Ting Kuit.

For more information on Girls Who Draw and the Masquerade book here pop over to


To see more of Lee May Foster-Wilson’s fabulous designs visit Bombi Forest Online

I am a finalist in Mumpreneur 2013!!


That’s right I’ve just found out that I am a finalist in the Mumpreneur Awards 2013, I’m up for Best Parent Blogger! Over 1500 people were nominated so I’m feeling really rather chuffed to be among the finalists.

If you don’t know about Mumpreneur UK, they celebrate parents from around the UK who manage the difficult task of juggling business with family life.

The award ceremony is taking place at the Mumpreneur Conference on 28th September in Birmingham. There will be a whole day of speakers, seminars, networking and inspiration so I’m really looking forward to it. There’s even a three course lunch!

If you are coming along to Mumpreneur this year and spot me, make sure you come over and say hello. I imagine I’ll be wearing a name badge of some sort and looking rather nervous as I wait to hear the results 🙂

Wish me luck!

Pop over to for more information about the conference and awards.

Summer party dress decisions…

Wedding season is well and truly upon us. As brides up and down the country are counting down the days until their special day, wedding guests (particularly women) up and down the country are wondering what on earth to wear??

First of all what colour should you wear? White always seems like a no no, for starters most brides have the monopoly on white, plus there’s always the chance that the bride is wearing Ivory (as I did) and the last thing you want is for your crisp white dress to make the bride’s look dirty 🙁 Jewel colours are a favourite of mine and perfect for evening celebrations, but what if the service is starting at 12 or 1, will your colour choice hold up for both day and night?

Then there’s the style or cut, too short may not be decent for a wedding. Too long and you might be accused of pretending to be a bridesmaid. Too casual and you might look like you can’t be bothered, too formal and you’ve gone too far. It’s a minefield!

Or at least it is for me, I’ll admit that my habit of over thinking things is probably to blame. Especially considering that my own wedding was attended by those wearing the decidedly informal New Rock boots though to almost ball gowns and I was completely unfazed. I was more agreeably engaged with my own dress and how the church and reception venue was decorated 🙂

Just in case anyone else finds these kind of decisions as hard as I do, I thought I would share my current favourite wedding attendee dress choices. You could of course wear a skirt or indeed trousers, but weddings are a great excuse to go all out feminine and wear a dress so I usually do.

I think all of these dresses are gorgeous and perfect for taking you through from day to night (if you have the time to change though two dresses is always fun!) They are all from reiss, which has long been one of my favourite stores. They seem to bridge the gap between high street and designer perfectly and while some of my former favourites have wavered over the years (usually due to a change in design direction) Reiss has stayed right up there!

What are your wedding picks this year?