Justin & the Knights of Valour Review and DVD competition!

Today I’m sharing our review of Justin & the Knights of Valour, along with a fabulous opportunity to win one of three copies of the DVD for your own family to enjoy!


Young Justin lives in a kingdom without knights! He dreams of following in his Grandfather’s footsteps and becoming one of the famed Knights of Valour but his father wants him to settle down to a life without adventure. Inspired by his Grandmother Justin decides to follow his heart and embarks upon a daring quest to become a knight by himself.

Sounds like fine family fun, but did the film live up to the write up? I let my three young adventurers decide:

Sir G – I think it was the best film I’ve seen so far!

Lady I – It was brilliant and most of all I liked the girl who helps Justin.

Sir N – I really liked the whole film, it was really funny!


So the kids loved it but what about us adults? In recent years and with the likes of Shrek, Despicable Me and the Pixar films, adults have been treated to family movies which also cater to our sense of humour and don’t have us nodding off in the corner. I wasn’t completely convinced I would enjoy Justin & the Knights of Valour but was pleasantly surprised. It doesn’t contain belly rumbling laughs which only parents understand, it’s much lighter and more delicately written than that. Some of the lip syncing seemed a little off in places (may have been my copy though I suppose) and I don’t think it’s a movie parents will watch entirely on their own, but for an afternoon with the kids or even as a simple way to occupy them it’s light hearted and sweet fun.

Win your own copy of Justin & the Knights of Valour on DVD!

I have three copies of Justin & the Knights of Valour on DVD to give away to readers of the blog! To be in with a chance of winning follow the instructions below.

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The competition will end at midnight on 17th February 2014 (UK residents only please).

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99 Responses to Justin & the Knights of Valour Review and DVD competition!

  1. I’m reading the question as “Would you save this yummy round for Christmas or eat it straight away?” – so my answer would have to be… neither 🙂

  2. My 5 year old son loves mike the knight sure he would love Justin! Typical boy loves swords and shields 🙂

  3. My Son, whereas my Daughter would prefer to be the princess that is saved by the knight in shining armour!

  4. My little girl loves Mike the Knight and named on of her toys Galahad based on that so yes, think she’s an aspiring knight who’d love this.

  5. oh yes my 4 year old grandson who lives with us would make a great knight, he is always having battles with his toy dinosaurs against his toy dragons lol

  6. My grandson Cole (lives with us) loves watching Justin when we put it on Sky. He’d much prefer to be able to train a dragon though… 🙂

  7. my grandson is being brought up to open doors and help ladies with shopping when he is older 🙂

  8. My youngest son has a fake chainmail shirt and helmet, a sword, shield, lance and a pennant flag. Think he was far too late for his true calling!

  9. My daughter would be a good knight plenty of energy and she’ll be teaching her brother soon

  10. My son, without doubt. His class at school recently had a parent assembly on knights and castles. They loved the dressing up. The brave knight saves the princess in distress!

  11. I think my husband might say hes the knight of the house….I think otherwise, I think my little boy is the knight!!!

  12. My 5 year old son likes to pretend he’s a knight especially when we visit a castle for the day.

  13. Do you have any aspiring knights in your family?

    no, not yet, but there’s a damsel in distress he could save if he were – ME

  14. Any of my cats, I have Sir Sleepslot, Sir Stalksalot, Sir Completelyscattyalot and lastly but by now means least Sir Sooksalot lol xx

    Footnote hubby could be Sir Whinesalot 😛

  15. Recently we were talking about a very bad man who lives locally with my three year old and he piped up “Don’t worry, I will protect you Mummy” – so thats a yes to an aspiring knight,

  16. Not sure about a knight! But I am certainly missing a good “nights” sleep, thanks to my three children 🙂

  17. My 3 year old daughter has been obsessed with knights and princesses most days she the one doing the rescuing.

  18. My son is my inspiring knight-he overcame being bullied at school over two years and now is in a new school with many friends- he came from a scared sad depressed boy into a happy boy looking at his future

  19. my son aged 4 often tells me hes prince charming and im his princess and he has to be undercover as a knight to save me! he makes me laugh!

  20. My eldest son attended Knight School a few years ago, it was a local initiative to encourage pride and respect in young people. He had a knighting ceremony at the castle and was awarded head knight!!!

  21. My youngest daughter, shes always trying to save something or other and be the brave one. Nothing gets her down