Crochet Suffolk Puff Lampshade

Regular readers may remember our popular Suffolk Puff tutorial posted back in March. They are such a versatile little addition to your craft arsenal and they certainly have an enduring appeal. We were therefore delighted when we came across yet another variation while searching the Internet for new blogs to read.

We instantly fell in love with Craft Passion Blog’s crochet suffolk puff tutorial here. What to do with a myriad of colourful puffs though? Anne had a shamefully plain lampshade sat in the corner of the room, so she grabbed a crochet needle and set to work.

She made the puffs in double knit cotton yarn with a 3.5mm crochet hook. Anne started making them the same size explained in the tutorial. Then she adapted the pattern to make some that were slightly smaller.

To make the smaller variation start with only 6 chains to begin the second round and then wind the yarn 3 times around the crochet hook instead of 4.

For the decreasing round use a double crochet instead of treble crochet stitches.The lampshade was decorated using 10 of the larger size and 7 of the smaller.

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