Dino Bite Review

The Summer holidays can feel like a long time when you have children to amuse and occupy. This makes it the perfect time to take up new hobbies and learn new skills. With more and more of us becoming concerned with the amount of time our children spend on computers or watching TV, it’s always a good day when you discover a new  game that keep your kids entertained and happy.

With this in mind I was very happy to receive a copy of Dino Bite to review courtesy of Drumond Park. The box alone seemed to get the kids very excited. My youngest declared ‘DinoWalrus!’ (we’re working on saying Dinosaurus). Unfortunately batteries were not included within the box and they most definitely are required. So after a mad hunt about the house we quickly got the game set up and sat down for our first play.

First impressions were very good, the kids were all suitably nervous every time they attempted to steal a Dinosaur Egg from the T-Rex’s nest. When the T-Rex did launch towards anyone they all jumped and giggled loudly. I even found it a very easy way to pass the time. The T-Rex plays jungle style sounds continuously with occasional rours. It randomly snaps forward which renders the snappee out of the game. The object being to throw the special coloured Die and retrieve an egg of corresponding colour without getting snapped. Simple enough that even my 2 yr old could play happily (although the box does recommend it for over 4+).

Would I Recommend This Product?

Definitely, all my kids, the boys and girl all love it. This ‘action game’ has permanently amused and excited them all and they have played it several times each day since we received it. It’s simple enough that they can play it unsupervised and the random nature of the T-Rex aided by interesting background noises, mean that boredom has yet to become a problem. It’s also a relative quick game which means it captures their attention perfectly.

Could It Be Improved In Anyway?

Yes, I think it could. As a busy Mum I always prefer products to come with a set of batteries, otherwise there can be rather disappointed kids if given as a gift.

I also was not fully impressed with the Dice included. It’s just a plastic Die with coloured stickers on either side. So far it has survived, but I wonder how long it will be before one of my little darlings decides to peel a sticker off. Perhaps an extra set of Die stickers would solve this problem. Although I have to admit it has already survived far longer than I expected on first opening.

Overall I love this little game, it’s very economical and provides hours of fun.


For more information and stockists, visit www.drumondpark.com

For 2-4 Players

Ages 4+

RRP £19.99

Available online and at all good Toy Retailers nationally.


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