15 Minute Make! Embellishing a make-up bag tutorial

Sometimes you only have enough time to tackle a small project. You don’t really feel like painstakingly tracing and cutting out a pattern or taking up the table with a sewing machine and pins. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and crafty. Today I’m going to show you one of our 15 minute makes, little projects/tutorials designed to be completed by hand while sat in front of the TV or taken on holiday etc it’s up to you.  So for today we’ll be embellishing a make-up bag. Incidentally this can be adapted to any small purse.

What You’ll Need




Bits & Bobs (whatever you have lying around, ribbons, buttons, trims etc).


Step 1 (the only step!)

We bought this small make-up bag as our base. It’s a lovely shape, but it is frankly slightly dull. So by hand we sewed on a piece of ribbon, some trim (cut to different lengths to add interest). Then finally a pretty button and a larger piece of contrasting trim. Ta-da you have an individual and very pretty make-up bag in no time at all!

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