My Lego Shame!

While perusing my kids Christmas Lists the other day I noticed a familiar theme recurring, Lego in all its guises from the bricks and board games right through to video games. These children love Lego! It’s hardly surprising considering the enduring fondness both my husband and I have for the bricky stuff.


For my husband’s birthday I bought him a personalised Lego man complete with Metallica tshirt! As a family we’ve made several Lego animations which you check out on Youtube here.


We’re all mildly (alright completely) addicted to the Lego Minifigure series. My kids are even quite adept at feeling the bags to find the right character, which explains these shelves that house their favourites. I’m sure you get the picture, we love Lego!


But… I have a guilty secret. A shameful Lego based regret that I’ve carried around for more years than I can recall or am willing to admit! *Takes a big chest steadying breath*

I broke my brother’s Lego Technic Car!

At the time I swore it wasn’t me, truly I had no idea what had happened or why the sophisticated Lego suspension had a clean break through the plastic. It was a mystery never to be solved or remedied despite many trips to toy shops looking for spare parts.

The truth however is a dark and terrible thing. Not only had I broken the car, I’d also stolen it!

Rather sensibly I had been forbidden to play with my brother’s new gift. Mini Abi was more than a little miffed by this rebuff and I took that car and hid it under my quilt. I planned to return later when no one was looking but instead I completely forgot what I had done.

I did return but not to play with the Lego, instead I jumped up onto my bed with a bounce and a twirl and……..


I had jumped straight down onto the car!

The carefully constructed suspension had broken in two and I knew instantly I was in serious trouble. Red faced and light of foot I smuggled that sad broken vehicle back into my brother’s bedroom, never to admit my shameful guilt.

My remorse both for the crime and the lack of admission is profound! To my brother I want to say that I’m exceedingly sorry and I’ll buy you another Lego set if you’d like. Or perhaps I could take you along to the brand new Lego Movie next year instead?