Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Juvenate Body Butter Review

2014-COCOA-JUVENATE-PRODUCT-100000-680x680I absolutely love chocolate and I love cosmetics so today I’m sharing my Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Juvenate Body Butter review!

I didn’t realise that Hotel Chocolat had branched out into the world of spa style body treatments until I was asked to try one. Regular readers of my blog will possibly remember that I have dry, sensitive and generally annoying skin, so I always receive such review requests with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. On the one hand there is always the possibility of finding a brand new product that I love, on the other I could be letting myself in for a skin reaction which will take weeks to heal.


I thought I’d start with my initial impression as packaging can be an important part of the cosmetic buying process particularly if you are purchasing a gift.

My body butter arrived in a beautiful Hotel Chocolat bag surrounded by white tissue paper. The body butter comes packaged within it’s own box which looks very sleek and expensive.

The pot is a wonderful monochrome design which would grace any sink admirably.


The body butter has a wonderful thick creamy texture, sort of like an expensive soft cheese. It glides onto skin seemingly melting into it effortlessly.


If you are expecting to walk around smelling like a chocolate bar then you will be disappointed. The Cocoa Juvenate Body Butter smells exotic with citrus notes and spices, it’s lovely.

Did it improve my skin?

I am happy to report not only that I had no adverse reactions to this butter, but it actually managed to improve my skins texture and dryness. I was honestly astonished at just how wonderful this body butter is, even my driest skin was noticeably smoothed and moisturised.

Would I recommend it?

Most definitely, the packaging, scent and overall feel gives a sense of luxury but at £21 is actually very affordable. The cream works wonders on my skin and is amazingly gentle at the same time. It would make a great Mother’s Day gift.

2014-COCOA-JUVENATE-PRODUCT-100003-680x680Other items from the range

The range includes hand creams, perfumes and much more so it’s definitely worth a look. In fact Hotel Chocolat asked me if I could think of a fellow blogger worthy of trying out their Cocoa Juvenate Hand Cream and I recommended Anne from Anne Clark Handmade. Anne has been busy knitting raindrops for Water Aid with her grandchildren and definitely deserves a treat!


To buy the Body Butter or other items from the range visit Hotel Chocolat here.

Hotel Chocolat Festive Wreath Review

Hotel Chocolat Festive WreathI’d be happy to review chocolate all year long, but at Christmas it’s very much a part of the proceedings and I was thrilled when I was sent the Hotel Chocolat Festive Wreath to review.

Hotel Chocolat have earned a reputation for quality chocolates designed to make the recipient feel special and valued (even if they purchased it for themselves!) The only problem with having such a glowing resume is of course living up to the higher expectations it undoubtedly brings.


Obviously the first thing you notice about the Festive Wreath is its appearance, stunningly moulded from chocolate which would grace the centre of any Christmas table.

As a centrepiece it’s also a novel idea and a great way to impress your guests. The wreath was slightly smaller than I had imagined but when I lifted it up and felt the weight I understood why, there is a lot of chocolate in there!

Hotel Chocolat Festive WreathTaste

Cutting the wreath is harder than you might think as a direct result of it being made from solid chocolate with nibbly biscuits and crushed almond florentines, make sure you have a plate underneath to catch the crumbs.

It’s made from a higher quality chocolate than you might ordinarily buy and the taste reflects this in its rich deep flavour. Saying that all my children really enjoyed tucking into this wreath and they have been introduced to different qualities of cocoa. Some kids may find this too rich, but it will definitely suit an adult palate.


At £21 I personally think this wreath is really good value for money, for the sheer number of grams included it’s a great deal for a quality brand such as Hotel Chocolat. Obviously these cost more than certain high street Chocolatiers but as the courier who delivered this to my door said ‘ooh posh chocolates, lucky you!’ this brand is a cut above the average.

Would I recommend this product?

Without a doubt, it’s beautifully presented, tastes devine and would make a fabulous gift!


The wreath is available in Hotel Chocolat stores nationwide or you can order online and view the rest of their range on their website.