Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Juvenate Body Butter Review

2014-COCOA-JUVENATE-PRODUCT-100000-680x680I absolutely love chocolate and I love cosmetics so today I’m sharing my Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Juvenate Body Butter review!

I didn’t realise that Hotel Chocolat had branched out into the world of spa style body treatments until I was asked to try one. Regular readers of my blog will possibly remember that I have dry, sensitive and generally annoying skin, so I always receive such review requests with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. On the one hand there is always the possibility of finding a brand new product that I love, on the other I could be letting myself in for a skin reaction which will take weeks to heal.


I thought I’d start with my initial impression as packaging can be an important part of the cosmetic buying process particularly if you are purchasing a gift.

My body butter arrived in a beautiful Hotel Chocolat bag surrounded by white tissue paper. The body butter comes packaged within it’s own box which looks very sleek and expensive.

The pot is a wonderful monochrome design which would grace any sink admirably.


The body butter has a wonderful thick creamy texture, sort of like an expensive soft cheese. It glides onto skin seemingly melting into it effortlessly.


If you are expecting to walk around smelling like a chocolate bar then you will be disappointed. The Cocoa Juvenate Body Butter smells exotic with citrus notes and spices, it’s lovely.

Did it improve my skin?

I am happy to report not only that I had no adverse reactions to this butter, but it actually managed to improve my skins texture and dryness. I was honestly astonished at just how wonderful this body butter is, even my driest skin was noticeably smoothed and moisturised.

Would I recommend it?

Most definitely, the packaging, scent and overall feel gives a sense of luxury but at ¬£21 is actually very affordable. The cream works wonders on my skin and is amazingly gentle at the same time. It would make a great Mother’s Day gift.

2014-COCOA-JUVENATE-PRODUCT-100003-680x680Other items from the range

The range includes hand creams, perfumes and much more so it’s definitely worth a look. In fact Hotel Chocolat asked me if I could think of a fellow blogger worthy of trying out their Cocoa Juvenate Hand Cream and I recommended Anne from Anne Clark Handmade. Anne has been busy knitting raindrops for Water Aid with her grandchildren and definitely deserves a treat!


To buy the Body Butter or other items from the range visit Hotel Chocolat here.