My Three Favourite… Woodland Themed Gifts

The decorations have all but disappeared and many of us are returning to our normal routines, but Christmas is still on my mind everytime I look around and see the wonderful gifts I was given. My presents inadvertently had a kind of Woodland theme, so I thought I’d share my three favourite with you all and in the process point you towards some fabulous artists.

First up was this adorable rabbit from Emily’s Ark. I think it’s technically supposed to be a boy, but my children and I are convinced this particular bunny is a girl (you can just spy the pink ribbon we adorned her with). I love the woeful expression, royal blue mohair and fabulous fabric used for her paws. She is fully jointed with beautiful black glass eyes and now has pride of place in the lounge.

I’ve always loved foxes, so when my husband presented me with this next gift I almost welled up with delight. Not only did it feature one of my favourite animals, it was also one of my favourite household items, a cushion! It comes from the wonderful people at Lush Designs and features a Vixen with her cubs. It also happens to be extremely squidgy and comfortable to sit next too.

Finally the third gift I’ve chosen to feature are these amazing silver earrings from Sally Ayling. As a child I briefly had a pet partridge so as these depict a Red Legged Partridge, I loved them as soon as I saw them.  Having worked in silver I also appreciate the fine detail and careful handiwork (I even inspected the incredibly neat soldering). They really are beautifully made and I’ve been wearing them almost daily since I opened the box.

Have any of you had a theme to your presents this past Christmas?