Canterbury Sheepskin Robyn Boots Review

Canterbury Sheepskin Robyn Boot

Canterbury Sheepskin Robyn Boot

Canterbury Sheepskin have been making New Zealand Sheepskin boots since 1974. Luxurious genuine sheepskin of a premium quality, handmade and crafted to last! I was sent a pair of Robyn Sheepskin boots to review a few weeks ago.

I’m going to admit something of a fashion faux pas, I’ve never really liked ugg style boots! I say ugg in the New Zealand sense of categorisation rather than any particular brand name. It isn’t that I can’t see a practicality in them, especially during the long bitter winters we’ve been experiencing in recent years. It’s more that I feel the standard design lacks any sense of style, thin soles that don’t look fit to support a foots natural arch and perhaps an even worse crime, they make my feet look huge!!

However when Canterbury Sheepskin approached me I was pleasantly surprised, while they do produce more traditional boot designs they also have many with a real fashion edge. In my opinion the Robyn boot is one of those. After several weeks I’ve broken down my thoughts into the following categories.

Canterbury Sheepskin Robyn BootStyle

I adored the Robyn boot instantly, a wide cuff decorated with delicate lacing at the back, this adds an element lacking in simpler designs but without being overstated. The wide cuff and sole also serve to narrow down the ankle meaning that your own foot doesn’t appear larger than it actually is.

The sole of the boot is also a revelation, a proper tread with heel and arch support.

Canterbury Sheepskin Robyn BootComfort

Imagine a luxurious pair of cushions snuggled against your feet and you can just about imagine the sensation of wearing these boots. They are so comfortable that it almost feels wrong to wear them outside. The insides are very cosy, but they keep your foot moderated. We’ve experienced a remarkably warm September but I could still wear these comfortably.


As a parent driving is a necessary part of my everyday life, if I can’t drive in a shoe/boot safely then it will never see daily use. Despite the incredible cushioning of the sheepskin I found that I could more than adequately feel my foot and the pedals of the car.

Canterbury Sheepskin Robyn BootWalking

These boots do not need breaking in! I feel tempted to write that again it’s such a rare quality in footwear. The Robyn boots were comfortable to wear as soon as they came out of the box. Over the last few weeks they’ve moulded slightly to my own foot shape but the comfort was there instantly.


I’ve worn the Robyn boots for several weeks now to give them adequate testing but only time will tell on their true longevity. Right now they still look as good as new and I’m very impressed with the quality of the sheepskin and stitching. They feel truly crafted.

Final Thoughts

I am complete and utter sheepskin convert! Finally I understand the devotion attached to all variations of these wonderful boots, they are so warm and comfortable that once you’ve owned a pair you’re unlikely to turn back. I have received many compliments on them even from non sheepskin boot fans.

Would I recommend the boots?

At first it may seem daunting that they’re shipped all the way from New Zealand but they arrived so swiftly that I’d have no hesitation in recommending the store. The quality and service is second to none and the Robyn boots themselves reached so far beyond my expectations that I couldn’t do anything other than recommend them.


To view Canterbury Sheepskin’s full range of sheepskin products click here.

To purchase click here.

Pop Up Kings Road with Skribbies shoes!

Skribbies Pop Up Shop

Skribbies are footwear that can be drawn on, wiped clean and then drawn on again. I was intrigued by the idea but wondered how they would work in reality.

For the first two weeks of August, 387 Kings Road, London has opened it’s doors as part of Pop Up Britain. For a limited time you can purchase products from some of the most exciting online brands in a physical store. I popped along to the launch event to meet the Skribbies team. A few recognisable faces were also in attendance such as CBeebies’ Sid Sloane, much to the kids delight!

The store itself is situated quite a long way down the Kings Road, but it’s definitely worth a visit. There are eight temporary residents selling a range of goods suitable for kids, mums-to-be and the home. There are also craft activities and face painting to keep little ones occupied while you browse. My son insisted on having his face painted as Batman before posing with Sid at the front of the store.Sid Sloane and Batman

It was great to see the shoes in real life and have a chance to test them out.

Will kids actually enjoy drawing on their shoes?

The kids ran straight past the craft and face painting tables to sit on the floor and start doodling. They drew several designs while we were there and have continued to enjoy changing their shoes daily. Even Sid got in on the colouring action, unfortunately as Skribbies are only available in Junior sizes 10 – Adult size 3 so they were never going to fit him!Sid Sloane shoe

I can definitely understand the appeal of these trainers as they remind me of my own childhood, filled with customisable headbands with names written across them in embossed script. Skribbies creator Jennifer Duthie laughed when I mentioned this, as such memories were apparently part of her inspiration when creating the range! I also wonder if I can squirrel the shoes away of an evening and write little reminders on them like ‘tidy your room’ or ‘put your washing in the basket’ it could be a whole new brand of parenting 😛

I can confidently say that kids (and adults!) really enjoying drawing on their shoes.

Will the designs last when walking about or in the rain?

All three children wore their shoes from the pop up store over to the Natural History Museum, then on several tubes and walking around London. As long as the design has dried they seem to last. I haven’t tested them out in the rain yet, but I am told they will survive as long as they have been given time to dry before venturing out.

Are they durable?

We haven’t had them long but considering all my children are very hard on their shoes and we had several trips and stubs in London I’m amazed they are still in one piece already. Only time will tell, but so far it’s a thumbs up!

Will parents like them?Abi Day

I do. They hold a magical appeal that keeps my children quiet and occupied for long stretches at a time! My youngest is also notoriously fussy when it comes to his footwear and he loves these shoes. Plus the fact that they have Neon accents makes the kids easier to spot should they wander a bit further away from you than you would like.


We all had a fabulous time meeting the Skribbies team and trying out the new shoes. I can honestly see these becoming a must have accessory for cool kids and parents will enjoy the peace they seem to bring. I would definitely recommend visiting the store to see the shoes in person and meet the team if you can.Skribbies

Pop Up Store Details

Situated at: 387 Kings Road, London, SW10 0LR

Open: 1st – 14th August

Opening hours: 10am – 6.30pm

Skribbies Details

Skribbies are available in three colour variations; pink/red, neon yellow/black and blue/navy.

Size Range: Junior size 10 – Adult size 3

Each pair of Skribbies comes with a pack of magic pens, a wristband to wipe the designs off and stickers to further customise.

Further colours and designs and planned for the future including low-top trainers.

They are priced at £35.95 and available to purchase online from or in person from the Kings Road Pop Up Store.

Skribbies on Facebook

Skribbies on Twitter