Sweet Dessert Pizza Recipe!

sweet dessert pizza recipeIf you’ve never tried or even heard of this delicious dessert then you need to try out my Sweet Dessert Pizza Recipe now! It’s ridiculously simple, a perfect activity for children and fulfils a sweet craving like no other.

What You’ll Need

Plain pizza bases (make or buy them)

Chocolate Spread




Jelly Babies


Other sweets (anything that melts well)


The beauty of this pizza is that it’s completely adaptable to your own personal taste, if you don’t like banana then leave it off, if you can’t stand jelly babies use something else, it’s really up to you. Basically anything goes, but the best toppings are those that melt well.

IMG_8051Start by placing your pizza base onto a tray and evenly spread the chocolate spread right across the surface.

IMG_8053Now begin to arrange your toppings, I like to spread out marshmallows towards the centre in an even pattern as it allows them to cook evenly. Fruit provides a welcome freshness and works well spaced between. Jelly babies are wonderful but they do make an unholy mess if placed to close to the edge as they melt right off onto the tray.IMG_8060

Now place in an oven about 180C and cook for 6-7 mins. If slightly overcooked the pizza will still taste great it just wont look so pretty.

Sweet PizzaIMG_8071


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