Having fun with sugru, plus a Father’s Day offer!

sugruIn todays post I’ve been having fun with sugru, it’s a wonderful new product which promises to enhance your life through it’s never ending applications. sugru are also running a Father’s Day promotion which makes this post quite timely.

I first heard about sugru when my Dad was enthusing about it, it acts like play dough but sets to a durable rubber and can be used for a huge range of purposes from DIY to stamp and jewellery making! It’s one of those odd products that someone tells you about and you’re kind of  interested but once you’ve had a play and have some sugru at your disposal you start to get really excited! I can’t think of any other situation where you can mould rubber to your own design. The uses are endless, but if you’re stuck for ideas YouTube and the sugru website are chock full of weird and wonderful creations from other fans around the world.

‘..sugru, a new wonder material described by many as  play dough for adults, that sticks to almost anything and sets over night.’ IMG_8246 IMG_8249The good folks at sugru sent me over my own pack to try out and I can say without hesitation that I love sugru! I started small by mending my husband’s leather boots. The sole had become detached and he was ready to throw his well loved shoes into the bin, so I figured that there was no harm in rolling a little sugru around the heel just on the off chance that it might help. I have to confess I didn’t think this putty like substance could ever be strong enough to mend a boot…. but it did!IMG_8250 IMG_8255 As you can see in my photos I rolled the sugru into a thin tube and inserted around the detached heel before pushing the heel down. I even placed a blob onto the sole where it had worn unevenly (will have to talk to my hubs about good posture methinks). The result is fabulously fixed toe warmers, I couldn’t have been more impressed! IMG_8274 IMG_8276Not one to be satisfied with mere cobbling though I set about my next sugru test. After watching a wonderful video showing how sugru could be used to attach Lego bricks to almost anything, I decided to create a dog cam. I wanted to attach a wireless camera using Lego to a dog collar to view the world as seen through the eyes of my dippy Dalmatian.IMG_8278 This was another resounding (and hilarious) success which I can share with you here in my latest YouTube video. Some of the picture is rather shaky but getting a happy dog to walk in a calm and orderly fashion is a bit impossible 🙂

Check out a special Father’s Day offer HERE and see some of the ways people use sugru around the world  – so you can sound like you know what you’re talking about when Dad opens his gift!

sugru is available at a wide range of retailers including B&Q, Wilko and Maplin, outdoor stores including Blacks and Ellis Brigham as well as online at sugru.com. Sold in packs of 3 from £6.99 and packs of 8 uses from £12.99, sugru is available in a variety of colours – red, yellow, blue, black and white, all of which can be blended to make any colour you like!

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