Getting your home Christmas Ready with 5 top tips

snow gardenIt’s far too early to start decorating for the festive season but that doesn’t mean you can’t be super organised and start getting your house Christmas ready!

For most of us Christmas is almost synonymous with an increase in clutter, the area by your tree becomes hard to sweep, dust or hoover and those sparkling lights can draw your eye to unfinished DIY or tired furnishings. So come November you can start preparing your house or room for the forthcoming decorations.

Tip 1 – Watch the Paint

If you’re expecting visitors this festive season, consider tidying up your paintwork on walls or woodwork. A quick coat can create a dramatic difference.

Tip 2 – Furnishings

Hire or buy a steam cleaner and get those furnishings looking fabulous! Or if you’d rather replace them look at discount stores in your area or online, for example you can often pick up really stylish curtains from TJ Hughes.

Tip 3 – Reorganise

Having a reorganisation of furniture doesn’t just freshen up the look of your room, it can provide extra space for your tree! We even move chairs to other rooms just for a few weeks. If you’re expecting guests perhaps consider some affordable cushions and home accessories to freshen the look of your room and potentially add extra seating (large cushions can be used like a bean bag).

Tip 4 – Temporary storage

Don’t squeeze those decorations in, make room for them by boxing up some of your daily décor and pop it away in the loft or garage for a few weeks.

Tip 5 – The obvious one!

Tidy tidy tidy, it will be harder to clean, dust or hoover so make sure you get a really good clean in just before getting the decorations up.

Of course though the most important thing is to have fun and try not to get too stressed!

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