A wonderful wintery escape with Zoggs

When winter frosts start to creep across the pathways and cars a holiday in the sun can suddenly seem very tempting. If you are lucky enough to be planning a winter sun break finding that perfect swimsuit can seem really difficult, plus the idea of trying things on in cold changing rooms is definitely less than appealing.

This makes shopping online and trying in the comfort of your own home seem the obvious choice. I have to be honest with you though, I couldn’t off hand think of any dedicated swimwear stores. Of course there’s always the sportswear shops, but often I’ve found their designs to be more function over form which doesn’t really fit with my idea of lounging by the beach.

210135_01 (2)However I have just been told about a great range of swimming costumes online at a store called Zoggs! Aside from having a really funky name (I think it sounds like a kids tv program) they seem to cater for all the family with swimsuits, accessories and even water aids for babies.

There were a lot flattering womens swimwear from Zoggs including leg suits, swim dresses, halters and much more! They also cater for all manner of cup sizes and body shapes. My own bugbear is being just that little bit too tall for standard swimming costumes.

300710dFor the little peeps in your life I can’t get over just how cute these swim caps are! I managed to avoid wearing one during my swimming lessons as a child but these days they are often compulsory (much to my kids disgust!) so a cap like this one might just help take the pain away somewhat.300710b1

I also like the look of these Zoggy search and rescue seals, they seem like a lot of fun for playing in the pool.301263


To see Zoggs full range visit www.zoggs.com for full details.

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