Derby Format 13 Photography Festival

Yesterday evening I attended the opening of the sixth International Photography Festival in Derby.

Unfortunately the weather was very cold and wet but the performance by ELEMENTAL FORCE was well worth the effort.

We were treated to a spectacular outdoor show featuring film, sound, light, fire and an aerial performer plus fireworks!

The aerial performer danced high above our heads (so very brave!) and appeared to be engulfed by the beautiful fireworks towards the end of her performance.

There were also pictures projected onto a wall next to the Silk Mill Museum showing different aspects of our history.

Pictures and colours could also to be seen on the museum itself.

At the end of the evening we walked back along a path edged with fire towards Derby Cathedral.

There are more events, workshops and exhibitions due to be held in Derby up until April 6th. If you are in the area they will definitely be worth a visit.

Details can be found here


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