Hot Wheels Wall Track Power Tower Review

My boys have been fans of the Hot Wheels Wall Track range for quite sometime now, so when we were offered the opportunity of reviewing the latest addition we were more than happy to agree. The new track is called the Power Tower and promises new thrills to add to an existing wall track or if you’re just starting your collection.

Previously we had found the wall track easy to assemble and this time was no different. The only issue we had was trying to keep the boys away as my husband stuck the pieces to the wall! The Power Tower does require batteries which we didn’t have in the house (worth noting if you’re thinking of this as a Christmas gift) so a quick trip to the shops and we were good to go.

To say the boys (and my daughter too) love this track would be an understatement, it can keep them occupied (and blissfully quiet) for a long time. Cars whirl around in the lift(elevator) style toy before zooming down the track, hoping not to get caught in the chomping head further down.

Would I recommend this product?

Definitely, it’s as much as the previous versions of wall track and can of course be connected up to other packs, making it a versatile and fun filled toy.

Could it be improved in anyway?

I always prefer toys that come with batteries included in case I don’t have any in stock. I’m also not a huge fan of the background posters if you are planning on connecting up several tracks.


The Power Tower RRP is £39.99

Available at all good toy retails online and instore.

Further details available at Hot Wheels website

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