Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to write a quick post to say a great big Happy Christmas to all my lovely followers! It’s been a fun filled and busy year and the blog has grown beyond all my expectations. I love it when you comment or email to let me know you like my little rambling posts, it always makes my day. But this is going to be my last post until after Christmas now as my little people have broken up from school and all my attention has been diverted to keeping them out of trouble happy.

So for my last bloggy craft project I decided to make a Christmas Wreath today. Unfortunately I got so involved in it’s creation that I forgot to take step by step pics. But it really is very simple.

I bought a plain artificial wreath from Ikea from the grand old sum of £6.67. Then I wound some battery powered led lights around the wreath. I bought these from a local garden centre for £4. I then taped the battery pack to the back.

For my decorations I visited a local florist and bought two dried oranges and one dried lime. Then various dried orange, lime and apple slices.

I pushed wire through the whole fruits and slices and twisted at the back. I then pushed the wire through the wreath and twisted together at the back. I did the same with a few pinecones. The golden berries were also bought from the florist but you can buy these in most stores that sell decorations for about £1 a bunch.

Then all I needed was some ribbon to hang the wreath with and I was done. I’m quite pleased with the end result although I did intend to add bunches of cinnamon sticks as well, but forgot until the end when I didn’t have any space left.

So with that I shall say goodbye until the festive craziness has ceased. Have a wonderful time whatever your plans, Merry Christmas!

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