Time to replace the gloom with a big lift!

Anne and I are not immune to feeling down from time to time. I’m sure all small business owners experience this. It’s the curse of a creative mind, you dream your days away feeling elated at every new idea, then come crashing down as the inevitable plateau comes.

Suffice to say I have been feeling a little this way of late, we’ve also been making some hard decisions about the jewellery, such as who will stay and who will go. For example my favourite pendant looks set for the chop, I adore this pendant and wear it very regularly, but despite my admiration it hasn’t been popular with customers. Obviously I have unique taste 🙂 I would dearly love to know what is ‘wrong’ with it, so if you have any feedback please feel free to share it here.

But just as I was feeling very ‘woe is me’ I had a lovely email from Anne telling me that she has been nominated and made the final 6 in the Mumpreneur awards for Best Online Business. How fabulous is that! Of course I think she is beyond worthy of the award (but I may be ever so slightly bias). But Anne is the one who has really built the business, dragging it from nothing into something to really be proud of, it has taken far more time and energy than you might expect and I think she’s done a wonderful job. I feel very proud that she’s made the final 6 and I will hopefully be attending the awards with her. If you too are going be sure to keep an eye out for us.

So it goes to prove that yet again the law of a creative life carries on, I have moved from one low to another wonderful high. Lets hope there’s more of them to come 🙂

6 Responses to Time to replace the gloom with a big lift!

  1. Arhh that is lovely news, fingers crossed. I could do with one of those highs, mind you I would settle for cake 🙂 I think your pendant is lovely, I just can't afford to buy things 🙂

  2. Funny how cake can help any situation 🙂 thanks for the comment on the pendant too, it's really stumped me so I'm keen to know why people think it's not been popular.

  3. Great news on the nomination! I'm hoping to attend the Mumpreneur Awards event myself (not that I've started a business yet but just to gather ideas!) so hopefully see you there! Think the pendant is lovely too, might it work better as a keyring (for looking after your house keys!)? Helen

  4. Helen – That is a sweet idea 🙂

    Abi – Thanks for commenting on my blog btw, it was feeling a little lonely 🙂
    You have given me more food for thought now, I am going to go to sleep pondering things :).

  5. Just a thought about the pendant, I don't know how the rest of the heritage range sells, if they sell maybe it is because some of the buildings remind people of their homes, so they choose those? Also I would move it away from the turret, as soon as I saw the turret I was distracted, people, including myself get excited about turrets, must be all those fairy tales with princesses read to us when we were young :).

  6. Thanks for the ideas, I may well try moving it within the range. A keyring is a nice idea, but it would have to be made out of something other than silver.

    That isn't completely out of the question and we may look into producing our jewellery in other metals. Of course the same amount of work goes in whether it's brass, silver, gold etc.