We Love Reviews!

As ever I’m busy busy, keep your eyes peeled over the next week or two as I will be doing a review for CSN Stores. They emailed to offer me the chance to review a product for the blog and I can’t wait. I took a look and their stores offer loads of wonderful things from cookware to ceiling lights. Now I just have to pick what item to review, what would you all like to see?

These are their sites if you want to take a look 🙂

Cookware by CSN

All Modern

Lighting by CSN

3 Responses to We Love Reviews!

  1. had a look at the site and I think you should review one of the cake tins. I can never get shaped cakes to come out of the tin, so if they work I'd be impressed, also do they do icing bags, i know you get ones in a sort of case rather than bag, always wanted to try one out

  2. I think you'll both be pleased with what I've chosen 🙂 hopefully they wont take too long to arrive and then I can show you how I get on, really excited!