Everybody loves presents and I’m no different. Infact I might just like presents a bit more than the average person, I still get ridiculously excited at Christmas time and I can match the children with ease. I have been on a wonderful high since this little package dropped through my letter box.

It came from the wonderful Daniella of Acorn & Will. You might remember that I mentioned this company in my recent blog about the Selvedge Magazine fair in London. They sell the most divine vintage style accessories. Their stall was easily one of the busiest and hardest to access at the time. Sadly I wasn’t able to come away with any treats. So you can probably imagine the grin I had when I received an email, saying that not only did Daniella like my blog, but that she wanted to send me a little something! True to her word about two days later I received this bookmark and nail file case.

Gone are the days of putting my old shopping lists or receipts in place to hold my page. Now I finally have a bookmark worthy of showing off.

The nail file is a brilliant idea also, I always used to carry a nail file but they do have a habit of catching on handbag lining or scratching your phone. This simple idea gets rid of that problem.

Daniella was also very thoughtful and included this beautiful badge for my daughter. To my sons extreme delight a couple of days after this, a boy style badge dropped through the door with his name on it. He loved it so much it had to be photographed on his tshirt as he wouldn’t agree to taking it off!

So a big huge thank you to Daniella for her generosity. Definitely take a look at the Acorn & Will site I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do.

Just had another present drop on the doormat! This time it was a tshirt from Truly Sanctuary for my youngest that I won in a blog comp held on All About The Boys Blog . Tried to get a couple of pics to show you but youngest wanted to wear it and quick!

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