Make Your Own Kilt Pin Brooch

I was trying to think of a new tutorial to share with you all and suddenly I thought of making a kilt pin brooch! We have sold these in the past, now we only make them for fairs or commissions and they were always very popular, I have had my own one permanently pinned to my jacket for years.

You’ll Need

A Kilt pin or large safety pin




Cord or string



Anything else you fancy for decoration 🙂

Step 1

Make a rosette from tape or ribbon. First cut a piece of ribbon about 12 cms long and fold in half wrong side out. Sew the two ends together and then sew a running stitch all along one edge. Pull the cotton tight to make a rosette.

Step 2

Narrow tape or ribbon can be attached by folding in half and then putting the two loose ends through the loop and pulling tightly.
Step 3
Attach some thicker ribbon by folding over the pin and sew with a running stitch. It looks good if some of the ribbons overlap.We have also added waxed cord here, pushing a bead on and knotting underneath looks great and adds a bit of sparkle!
Step 4
Next we sewed lace flowers and the ribbon rosette we made earlier in place.
Step 5
Finally attach some buttons by sewing through all the layers to keep everything firmly in place. Trim the ribbons, cord and lace to make a good shape. Then stand back and admire your work! 

Don’t forget there’s still time to enter our comp 🙂

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