Make Your Own Buttons!

If you’ve taken a look at our jewellery then you probably know that we love buttons! We mostly use vintage finds, but sometimes we have a vision and we just can’t find the right colour or size. If you sew or knit you may have found this problem as well. It’s easily solved though by making your own buttons out of polymer clay. Here’s how to make a simple round one:

What You’ll Need

Polymer Clay (I favour Sculpey as it’s very easy to mould)

Moulding Tools

A Needle or Cocktail Stick

A clean mat or work surface

Step 1

First you need to soften the polymer clay, the quickest way is to squash and roll it in the palm of your hands

Step 2

Roll a small ball in your hand, place onto your mat and squash lightly with your finger.

Step 3

Take your needle or cocktail stick and press sewing holes into the circle you’ve made.

Step 4

Admire your finished button. Bake it according to the packet instructions, remember it may need slightly less time as it’s so small. Next try out a few more shapes using your tools. I like making hearts, diamonds, flowers and so on.

I keep all my handmade buttons in a cleaned out Bonne Maman jar (they’re just too pretty to throw away!)

9 Responses to Make Your Own Buttons!

  1. They look great and you've made it look so easy. I can't throw away those jars either, they're brilliant for so many small things! Elaine

  2. My teenage daughter loves filling the mini jars (that they do for hotels) with buttons, very cute x

  3. Years ago, I did a City and Guilds in Machine knitting and had to make buttons for one of my garments. Made them from Fimo – my inspiration was malacite, so had fun making buttons to match. The garment has long gone, but I still have the buttons. I found it quite tricky to "match" sizes on small buttons, but big ones were much more forgiving

  4. I haven't got any of the small jars Giddystuff, maybe I should take a trip to a hotel (any excuse for a holiday 🙂 )

    I don't usually make matching buttons jennyp19 so I don't have that problem thankfully, I can imagine it would be very tricky unless you had a teeny tiny cutter, maybe one of the ones intended for sugarcraft would work?


  5. That's really neat! I've never though about making buttons before. What a great project!

    I'm glad you linked up on the DIY Green Living blog hop. I hope to see you link up again. Your site is really lovely! Peace. 😉

    Michelle @

  6. What a cool idea!!!!! I seriously want to try this. I'm designing a stove hanging bag for my kitchen cloth…maybe I'll make the buttons myself..we'll see!!
    I'm your newest follower! I have a $25 gift card giveaway going on that you may be interested in as a crafter!