Simple Pleasures

I’ve been feeling quite stressed recently, I think when you run your own business some level of stress is inevitable. But how do you combat this when you feel the tension rising? One of my favourite things is to take a walk, no specific destination, just getting outside and clearing your mind for a while. I think a lot of pleasure (and stress relief) can be gained by taking in your surroundings and enjoying the beauty around you. I’ve taken a few pictures to show you my favourite things that I discovered.

There’s something quite romantic about a gate that leads to nowhere. This one probably hasn’t been opened in years.

Dandelions might annoy me when they invade the vegetables, but they also remind me of being little and gently blowing the seeds away to tell the time.

If you’ve looked at our jewellery you’ll probably know that I love the beauty in old doorways and houses. Even the woodwork on an old fence post can inspire.

Wildflowers are always a pleasure, I especially love the vibrant summer yellow of buttercups. Another memory of holding them up to skin to see if you like butter.

When the weather is as good as it has been recently getting outdoors seems like a must. What delights do you find near your home?

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