Socks Are For Your Feet????

Meet Pumpkin!

Pumpkin is the latest addition to our family. He is a gorgeous little sock puppy who winged his way to us from the world of Etsy. The Sock Sanctuary. The name intrigued me and I decided to take a look.

What I found was a new etsy store featuring wonderful bright cuddly creations all looking for a new home. I was instantly drawn to Pumpkin (then called Patch) and it wasn’t long before I could resist no longer.

On arrival I was not disappointed, clearly a lot of time, thought and effort goes into these cuddly sock creations. He arrived in a box filled with tissue paper with a ribbon bound adoption scroll and care sheet.

The only problem now is resisting buying him some friends, I’d love to say I was buying them for the children but it would be a lie, Pumpkin sits next to a lamp and my twins are under strict instructions not to give him to the baby (we’re at that stage where everything goes in the mouth and I don’t fancy having to save a soggy sock puppy).

Just to try and tempt you further here’s a few of my current faves from the store


9 Responses to Socks Are For Your Feet????

  1. Hi Abi,

    Thanks so much for featuring my shop in your blog! Im so thrilled that you liked Pumpkin! He looks very happy sat next to your lamp 😀

    You've really made my day by featuring me in your blog! Thanks sooooo much

    Emma x (Sock Sanctuary Chief Exec!! lol 😀 )