Hello and welcome to the first post on the brand new Angel Eden blog! I’ve been trying to decide what to write here and I began thinking that the first post ought to be something grand and momentous, but in the end I’ve settled for a good old-fashioned introduction.

My name is Abigail and I am part of a jewellery business with my Mother Anne, called Angel Eden. This venture started out several years ago with us both at the helm. However after a marriage and a set of twins I took a back seat for a few years but now I’m back with a vengeance and integrating more and more back into the business.

Please feel free to visit our etsy store www.angeleden.etsy.com or indeed the website www.angeleden.co.uk Don’t forget to mention you came from this blog 🙂

But this blog is going to be far more than just personal promotion; I, just like everyone else, am not a fan of spam or having things pushed down my throat. I plan to use this blog to showcase many more wonderful businesses I come across. I’m fairly hard to please so I hope this translates into an interesting and enlightening read. After all, our business was born out of a mutual love of creativity, jewellery and design. So to not respect it in others would be sinful.

Unfortunately the world wide web is so huge these days finding people can be hard, so if you make or sell something fabulous that you think I might like to blog about then please get in touch.

For now though I shall end my post there. I don’t want to bore you and I have to get prepared for a midday parent teacher meeting. Wish me luck, like all mothers I think my children are geniuses born to take over the world, whether the teacher will agree or not is of course another matter.


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