We’ve Moved!!

Welcome to our lovely brand spanking new blog! As you can probably see we have had a wonderful redesign courtesy of Helen & Pete of CCT Creative. It’s been so exciting seeing the design come together and I’ve been dying to tell you all about it, but decided to wait for the big reveal. We have also moved addresses from www.angeleden.blogspot.com to here www.angeledenblog.com so please update your bookmarks!

As the site is so new there may yet be a few bugs to work out, if you spot anything then please leave a comment or send me an email so we can get it sorted ASAP. But in the meantime what do you think of our new look?

The House of Pox!

Hi folks! I did mean to write a post yesterday, unfortunately my plans got rather spoilt as my children have all come down with chicken pox. My eldest son is nearly over them and getting back to normal but my two other children are really suffering. Infact my youngest spent all last night crying and I think both he and I had about 2 hours sleep max. It’s truly awful when you’ve done everything you can for your children and they are still suffering. However this morning I was thrown a lifeline thanks to the good old Internet. Once I’d had a cup of tea and regained some semblance of sanity I researched traditional remedies for Chicken Pox. I then placed my son into a bath with the toe cut from a pair of tights filled with porridge oats. After the horrific night we’d just had I didn’t really hold out much hope, but within minutes my son had begun to calm down and stop crying. He even began to enjoy his bath and it’s given him such relief from the itching that he’s stayed significantly calmer since. He’ll be going back in before bed and I hold out high hopes for a better nights sleep. If not I will probably be able to quote many a children’s film line for line by next week.

Note. Photo provided courtesy of Nature Valley UK

Could Spring Finally Be Here!

This morning I’ve woken up to light streaming through a gap in the curtains, that in itself might not seem particularly extraordinary. But when you consider the dark cold winter we have just endured, the sun had begun to seem somewhat distant. The last few days there has been a definite feeling that Spring is in the air, not just because the days have been brighter, but suddenly life is springing out of gardens everywhere. I’ve been amazed what has survived the snow and frost, we even have a large patch of last years Pansies which don’t seem to realise they are supposed to be an annual and just keep growing bigger and with more flowers. Inspired by all the new greenery I thought I’d show you a few hopeful Spring pictures that we took last week.

Here is a wild daffodil, it’s smaller than it might seem in the picture, but I always take them as a good sign that Spring is here.

Here is a rather pretty patch of moss on a wall. The shoots are actually only about 1/2cm tall. Moss might not be everyones favourite, but on the top of an old country wall I think it looks very pretty.

Here is a Forsythia that’s growing in the garden. These yellow buds will open up into flowers and the bush will be absolutely covered in them. The green leaves come later in the season.

We are big fans of Lady’s Mantle at Angel Eden. If you’ve ever seen us at a show you might notice the leaf shape as we use it in a lot of our work. We even have felt versions that we display our jewellery on. Here it is beginning to peep through all the old dead growth.

I think these pictures all show very positive signs that Spring is here to stay.