Where has Summer Gone?

My children have recently been showing an uncharacteristic interest in the weather forecast and quizzing me almost daily. ‘Where has Summer gone Mummy?’ ‘But why do I need to take my raincoat?’ ‘But I’m wearing shorts!’ Note. Shorts apparently mean no raincoats required, must make a note to relay that to Mother Nature. Although in the kids defence the weather has been decidedly batty of late, rain in the morning, blistering sunshine for lunch followed by extreme winds at dinner, it just can’t decide which season it fancies being in. So as I sit here pondering whether (nice pun there) I dare put the washing out on the line I decided to look through my own curated version of the summer thus far (pictures can tell wondrous lies if you only take them when the sun comes out!)

IMG_6421This pic was taken at one of my favourite hideaways in the Peak District, hardly anyone else seems to go there and I always feel like I’ve stepped straight into Lord of the Rings as I leap about from stone to stone.
Apple tree blossom flowering in the sun.

IMG_6862Isn’t this Wisteria beautiful! I’d love some at home but it blooms for such a short space of time I only ever remember I want it when I see it out and about.

Rhododendron colour explosion! We have one mini dwarf rhododendron in our back garden which we keep in a pot but how I wish we had space for one of these giant beauties.

A happy dog enjoying the great outdoors, he’s never very keen to venture out when it’s rainy either.

When you’re a forest Pirate taking a rest on an obliging tree stump while checking your compass.
IMG_3072Finally a picture of this mega strawberry! I bought this just a few days ago and like to think that’s its growth (and flavour – super sweet) were encouraged by all this rain and sun combining and if that isn’t a reason to be semi thankful for all the bizarre changeable weather then I don’t know what is.