What is there at Drayton Manor if you don’t like rides?

PanoramaDraytonTheme Parks are great if you love the thrill of white knuckle rides but if a park doesn’t offer anything for people less keen to scream, then it can make for a disappointing day out. Standing on the side-lines or even worse acting as some kind of human coat-stand while your friends ride the rails of terror is absolutely no fun! Luckily I am an ambassador for my favourite theme park so I’m pretty familiar with all they have to offer. Today I’m talking to those chaps and chapettes who likes their days out to contain less g-force. So what is there at Drayton Manor if you don’t like rides? Absolutely loads! Plus you never have to step foot on a ride if you don’t want too.carouseldrayton

In the Main Park

The Carousel – Probably my personal favourite, ok it’s still a ride but it’s a pretty sedate one and it’s an awful lot of fun for big kids like myself.

Polperro Express – a cute little steam engine that drives around the lake. Watch the swans, ducks (or herons if you’re lucky) and relax safe in the knowledge that you’re not on Stormforce 10 (a water ride) that drips from above.

Drayton Queen Boat – take a leisurely boat trip across the lake aboard the Drayton Queen.

The 4D Cinema – Currently showing Yogi Bear in wondrous 4D! The cinema is so much fun for all ages and is bound to get you laughing.

Bryan’s Works Machines – Take some pennies and play on the old penny slot machines.

The Chairlift – Depending on your sensitivity to height then this one might be out, but these chairs take a gentle pace as they glide into the air so you can view the park from above.

Big Wheel – Another one not for the height sensitive, the big wheel is a relaxing ride of fun.

Various Games Stalls & the Arcade – these do come with associated costs, but hook-a-duck and basketball are always pretty easy going and lots of fun.

LizardThe Zoo

The zoo is full to bursting with all kinds of wonderful animals, including Lynx, Tigers, Monkeys, parrots and much more! If you watch my video at the end of this post you can see a few of my favourites.

RheaThe Farm Park

The farm park has quite a few more animals including Flamingo, Ostriches, Reindeer and more. Plus there’s the wonderful Discover Thomas exhibition where all the adults can reminisce watching the original Thomas the Tank engine ride around the track (he’s animated these days).


My kids and I made a little video to show some of our favourite non-ride fun 🙂


Drayton Manor hosts wonderful events all year round and they are bound to excite even the most ride resistant visitor. The next event is the epic War of the Worlds Firework spectacular!DraytonFireworks

The event takes place Friday 30th October, to Sunday 1st November. The fireworks begin at 7pm (last admission is 6pm), and a whole host of rides will remain open until 9pm. Plus there will be the amazing Firework display set to the War of the Worlds soundtrack.


There’s Thomas Land for the smaller visitors with plenty of gentle rides or you can take a walk through the Dinosaur Trail and learn some new facts about your favourite dino friends.

Finally it would be remiss of me to mention the nature trail at Drayton. I must admit I haven’t managed to do this one myself as there is so much on offer at the park there just hasn’t been time… yet!

For more information pop over to the Drayton Manor website.


Walkers Mighty Lights Review!

Walkers Mighty LightsChildren love crisps. Parents love healthy snacks. Can you see the obvious problem with those two statements? Crisps are not traditionally thought of as a healthy alternative, sure they’re made of potatoes but they’re smothered in coatings, fried and salted. It doesn’t exactly scream ‘eat me, I’m good for you!’ Walkers have done their best to try and create a snack that is both low in fat, full on flavour and appealing to kids with new Mighty Lights, but have they managed it? I was so inspired by these snacks that I made this short/silly animation with my husband, kids and musically inclined brother (we’re a creative family) all about this most heroic of nibbles!

As you can probably tell from the video we are now firm fans, but make sure to read the review to find out why. This is appropriately timed given that this is the last week of Summer holidays for children across the land (not in Scotland though, they’re already back at school) lunchbox fillers are being carefully considered during the mad dash to buy shoes and uniform.

First up here’s the stats on Mighty Lights:

  • They contain 30% less fat than standard crisps
  • They are available in three flavours – Roast Chicken, Cheese and Onion, Lightly Salted
  • All the flavours are suitable for vegetarians
  • Made from real potatoes
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • A source of fibre
  • Available nationwide now!

That’s enough to satisfy most of us parents, but if they don’t stack up on taste and appeal I think their healthy credentials will fall flat with the little ones.

First up Taste

I’m actually eating a bag of Lightly Salted while writing this review so I can accurately describe the taste. They don’t taste immediately healthy (perhaps a good thing as far as kids are concerned) but your fingers aren’t left with a salty oily slick or burn that traditional crisps can cause.

Lightly salted – the flavour is gentle but by no means lacking, I’m not a huge fan of Salt & Vinegar but I can happily eat these.

Cheese & Onion – I am a long time admirer of Walkers Cheese & Onion crisps, these have the same flavour but less fat… I’m sold!

Roast Chicken – Again these taste very similar to normal Walkers chicken crisps, the flavour has not been sacrificed at all.


Crunchy, ridged and in no way inferior to traditional crisps, just less greasy.

Value for Money

I found a 6 pack of Mighty Lights on sale for between £1 – £1.79 in various supermarkets, this seems in line with other brands. Some healthy crisps contain hardly anything when you look inside the bag (it’s no wonder they’re healthy, you’re barely eating them!) These contain a decent amount and are enough for one snack.

Will kids enjoy them in their lunchboxes?

I asked mine and the responses were:

Crispy G – Yes, because they’re really healthy and they are tasty and they’re the greatest crisps in the world!

Snacky I – Yes, because they are really nice and you can find different shapes (she’s referring to the heart shaped one she found below) and they’re mighty!

Munchy N – Yes, because they’re tasty!

A parents view

I’ll admit it, I don’t overly worry about the fat content of the food my kids eat, they’re all so active and skinny it’s not really an issue. However additives, preservatives and colourings are things I worry about, with so many horror stories it’s easy to get confused and concerned about the health implications. Therefore I’ll avoid them when I can and I particularly like products that make this choice easy for me. For this reason alone I like Mighty Lights, they’re also incredibly convenient for days out and picnics.

Heart Shaped CrispWould I recommend Mighty Lights

I’d be happy to, they are one simple change without sacrifice to a healthier lifestyle.

Could they be improved at all?

Most definitely, they will not be perfect until Walkers make them in Bacon flavour! 🙂


Mighty Lights are available nationwide now!

For more info visit their website www.walkersmightylights.co.uk

Meningitis Awareness Week!

Meningitis is one of those illnesses that we all fear. Awareness has become the watch word and many campaigns have attempted to make us all aware of potential symptoms. Every Time a child is ill we furiously check for spots, stiff necks etc. From a personal perspective I know just how devastating it can be; several years ago now I attended a BBQ with some neighbours including a young family with two children. Just a short while later those children were left without their Mother when she died from this awful disease.

So when I was contacted by the Meningitis Research Foundation and asked to share this short video I was happy to agree. If after watching you’d like to support this cause then please visit http://www.meningitis.org/sign and add your support to this wonderful campaign.