Happy Christmas!

Just a quick post today to say Happy Christmas to everyone!

You can probably tell by my distinct lack of blogging this week, that I’ve been rather busy of late. No matter how organised I intend to be, there’s always last minute bits and bobs that need sorting near Christmas, parties that need attending (most of these are for the kids!) and a generally full calendar. I’m sure the same is true for many of you so you’ll understand completely.

In the few moments I’ve had, I’ve managed to sort huge quantities of Gingerbread, remember the last post about our new tradition 🙂 Here’s the first batch ready to go.

Make three Wise Men/Woman costumes for the crib service.

Help the kids to make salt-dough decorations (although in truth it was their Granny’s idea).These were made over a period of about a week, thanks to a few stops and starts but the children absolutely love them!

My daughter took real pride in the detail.

My eldest son loved making new shapes.

My youngest just wanted them all to be pink.

There’s plenty of little bits left to do, plus somewhere in the midst of all this chaos we have to remember to pick up the food (especially the Turkey) and actually wrap some presents! It’s surprising how easy it is to miss these small (and somewhat essential) things 😉 My one goal year on year is to have as stress free a Christmas as possible, which basically entails having absolutely everything as prepared and organised as possible the day before.

With this in mind I’d like to wish you a thoroughly merry and completely stress free Christmas whatever you have planned. I’m not taking a massive break, in fact I’ll be back next week and looking forward to the New Year. In the mean time though have a wonderful weekend all!