Ecover’s ‘Message In Our Bottle Campaign’

Most of us are already acutely aware of the need to recycle and improve our personal and national carbon footprints, but with so many essential household items being contained within packaging that is either non recyclable or non-biodegradable it can seem like an uphill struggle.

When I heard about Ecover’s ‘Message In Our Bottle’ campaign I was more than happy to support it. Ecover is already a name I associate with environmentally friendly and ethical products, so taking their campaign further with the aim of producing¬† fully sustainable and recyclable plastic is truly commendable.

Cleaning the seas, one bottle at a time. Visit The-Splash for more information and to read our pledge.

Ecover have also produced this brilliant and informative infographic, to add it to your own webpage and further promote this wonderful initiative click here.

Cleaning the seas, one bottle at a time