Meet the latest member of the Angel Eden family!

My posts may have been a little sporadic recently and for that I apologise, but I promise I do have an excuse. My time has been rather taken up by a new addition to our family affectionately nicknamed ‘The Spotty Crocodile!’

We have always wanted a dog to join our happy little band and finally the time seemed right. After much research and discussion about breeds we finally settled on a Dalmatian. We were lucky to find the perfect breeders and eagerly waited to hear that their bitch had given birth. We then had to wait a long 8 weeks before our spotty darling could come home.

Life has been busy as you might imagine, but he is such a wonderful addition to the family that it’s hard to imagine life before him. He’s already proving to be very intelligent, learning many new tricks (not all of them taught by us I might add, such as how to undo zips and open cupboards). He also has a fondness for tottering across thin walls (agility in the future methinks) lying upside down and stealing cushions when he thinks you’re not looking.

He is bound to feature in many posts from now on so it seemed only right to introduce him properly, I may even get a video of him up here at some point, he has me in hysterics on a regular basis with his antics.