Natural Beauty? Betty Hula Review

From my previous posts you may be aware that I lean towards natural skincare products. But what do you do if you don’t have the time or inclination to do a James Wong in the kitchen? The answer is obviously ready made products, but with so many available and so many claiming to be natural it’s hard to choose.

I have been fortunate enough to be given some samples from the all new Betty Hula Natural Beauty range. Before I launch into my review of them I should probably tell you a bit about my skin and my rather over the top expectations from beauty products.

I have dry skin, and when I say dry I mean I feel like I’m going to crack if I don’t regularly moisturise. It’s always been this way and it’s a pain. I also have very sensitive and allergy prone skin. I have suffered from eczema from childhood and I regularly have mild allergic reactions. So for a product to impress me it really has to be amazing!

So lets start with the items I received, the Kiwi & Lime Shea Butter Moisturising Cream & The Secret Oil.

First I tried the Kiwi & Lime Moisturiser, I could review this in three words……I LOVE IT!!! I’m really not joking and to be perfectly honest I was amazed by this product. Upon opening it had a strong summery fragrance, while that is lovely in itself I’ve been conditioned to think that fragrance = additives but I was wrong. The best example of how wonderful this cream is was when a patch of eczema started to appear near my knee, it was itchy, it was dry, it was horrid. With some nervousness I liberally applied the cream and within a few hours the redness had all but gone, the itchiness was no more and I was one happy customer. If you have problem or dry skin I can’t recommend this enough.

Next The Secret! I have only ever used one oil before and that was a sample from Creme De La Mer, so a big huge enormous price tag. Thankfully this oil beat Creme De La Mer for me. It healed some angry dry patches on my face with ease. After applying at night I woke up in the morning looking much nicer and no dry red patches to be seen. It glides on, although I did find it liked to soak into my hands if I didn’t apply it quick enough (my hands look quite good too now). I would definitely buy this, especially if my face had any angry patches. Apparently it has anti aging qualities too, although you’d probably have to test it out for longer to really judge on that one. But if like me your prone to angry flare ups, my skin even complains after I’ve worn makeup then this is the medicine it needs.

My only disappointment with the Betty Hula range is that one, the range isn’t larger (although hopefully it will grow in time) and two that my sample pots weren’t bigger 😉